Murderer who stabbed vicar to death kills himself in prison

A vicious killer who knifed a kind-hearted vicar to death in a frenzied attack was found hanged in his prison cell more than 20 years after the horrific murder.

Terence Storey, 52, was serving a life sentence for murdering Rev Christopher Gray, who had tried to help him, in Anfield, Liverpool.

Rev Gray, tipped as a future bishop, was stabbed through the heart with a five-inch knife in 1996.

He later told friends that he would never forget the "ear-piercing" scream, the Liverpool Echo reports.

The horrifying attack happened in the grounds of St Margaret’s Church after the vicar refused to give Storey any more handouts.

Now it has been revealed at a pre-inquest review hearing that Storey died at HMP Liverpool with a ligature around his neck in September last year.

The cause of death had not previously been released.

An ambulance team arrived at the prison, but efforts to revive him were unsuccesssful.

Details of Storey’s time in custody were revealed at a review hearing in on Wednesday

The inquest, which will be heard by a jury, was adjourned until September.

Story flew into a rage when Rev Gray, who was described as one of the Church of England’s "ablest" ministers and a future Bishop, told him there was no more cash for him.

He stabbed him, and then burst through the window of caretaker and church warden Josephine Leather’s home next to the church.

He told her: “I’ve killed the vicar.”

Later, Storey confessed: “He made this ear-piercing scream – I’ll never forget that noise for the rest of my life.”

Storey met the Rev Gray when the vicar visited him in prison.

He later boasted of getting £1,500 off him in the eight months after his release.

Most times the vicious thug went to see the cleric armed with a knife.

Rev Gray repeatedly told friends he didn’t want to see Storey, who eventually murdered him after being refused his demand for cash after a final midnight confrontation.

Sentencing Storey back on 1996 Mr Justice John Kay told him: “The killing of Christopher Gray was an act of dreadful wickedness.

“It deprived Mr Gray of his life, it deprived his family and many friends of a person who was greatly loved, and it deprived the community of a man who would have done immense good for the public if he had been allowed to live.”

A student who had been lodging at the vicarage told police that he had heard Storey asking Rev Gray for money and once, when he was refused, heard him threaten: ‘’Don’t think I couldn’t do you.’’

The next day Storey robbed a petrol station and held a 16-year-old student hostage at knifepoint on a terrifying six-mile car ride.

He freed the youth unharmed after giving him £20 and warning him to keep his mouth shut.

Police finally cornered the killer in a flat at St Helens, Merseyside.

Storey had 20 previous convictions for various offences, including having drugs, possessing an unlawful weapon, assault and robbery.

Three of his convictions were for carrying a knife.

Storey’s mother died of a stroke aged 41 and his father is thought to have emigrated to Australia.

Storey started using cannabis when he was 12.

He moved on to hard drugs and was taking cocaine at the time of his arrest for murder.

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