Mylee Billingham’s killer father moans that he’ll not see his children

‘Think about my girls all the time’: Mylee Billingham’s sick killer father moans in jail that he’ll never see his children again after knifing his eight-year-old daughter to death

  • William Billingham sent a letter from behind bars describing the ‘pain’ he’s felt 
  • The 55-year-old also boasted about his famous brother’s celebrity lifestyle
  • Billingham wrote that he had ‘amnesia’ the day that he killed daughter Mylee

William Billingham moaned about life in prison in a letter sent from behind bars

William Billingham sent twisted letters from prison moaning that he would never see his children again after murdering his eight-year-old daughter.

He sent the self-pitying letters describing the ‘pain’ he is going through since he knifed Mylee Billingham to death as she pleaded ‘Please Daddy, no Daddy, stop it’.

The 55-year-old killer, who shows no remorse, penned the letter from behind bars which also detailed his angst at not seeing his children again because ‘people are poison’.

In one letter he says: ‘Sorry if I come across as depressing, it’s been tough.’ 

In another letter he complained about his upcoming birthday and said: ‘Never thought for a minute I’d spend it in a place like this.’

He even boasted that friends had passed around a phone while at their local pub so they could talk to him after building a memorial garden for his daughter.

Billingham wrote: ‘I ring my local now and then and they pass the phone around to everyone. 

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‘They told me about [the] play area and were also at court, awesome people. Not really thinking about how long I could be here.’

He bragged that his celebrity brother Mark Billingham, star of TV’s SAS Who Dares Wins, had been partying with rock band Stereophonics and going to movie premiers. 

Billingham wrote: ‘My brother is a legend in many ways and I’m ­incredibly proud of him – he’s always coming here for me.

Mylee Billingham eating pizza in bed. This was the last photo taken before she was stabbed to death by her father 

‘He was in London at the premiere of Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. He has been to Florida and Chile checking out locations for the next SAS: Who Dares Wins.

‘I remember him going backstage and back to the hotel to get p*ssed with the Stereophonics. That was really messy apparently!

‘My bro is training for next SAS series. I try to keep him away from high-profile days like court but he’s stubborn.’  

Billingham also claimed in the letter that he doesn’t remember killing his daughter.

Billingham boasted about his friends calling him from their local pub and passing the phone around

Mylee was fatally knifed by her father. Billingham wrote in the letter that he has ‘amnesia’ over the event

He said: ‘My head is all over the place but trying day by day to recall things. I’ve never suffered with amnesia just events I have no recollection of at all.

‘I get a lot of groundhog days but get out morning and afternoon for social when I listen to my voicemails and make calls to family and friends.’   

Billingham was jailed for 27 years this week after the callous killing of daughter Mylee – who he nicknamed ‘Moo’. 

The evil thug killed the defenceless schoolgirl to get back as ex-partner at Tracey Taundry, 34, who had started a new same-sex relationship.

The callous killer boasted about his famous TV actor brother Mark Billingham (pictured)

He had grown resentful of Miss Taundry’s relationship with her new partner Lindsey Andrews and feared she would stop him seeing his children.

Shortly after Billingham was found guilty of the horrendous crime, the investigating officer described his actions as ‘the most selfish act you can think of’.

In January this year, Billingham waited for Tracey to collect Mylee from his home, where he armed himself with a kitchen knife.

Billingham killed his own daughter to get back at ex-partner Tracey Taundry (pictured) 34, after she started a new relationship

As the youngster left his house, the father-of-six pulled his daughter back indoors by her hood as she screamed ‘mummy, mummy’ and ‘please daddy, no daddy, stop it’.

Crazed Billingham then ‘violently’ thrust the blade Mylee’s chest in a ‘swift, deliberate and brutal’ manner as a ‘final act of revenge’ against his ex.

Tracey meanwhile desperately tried to bang the door down as she screamed for help while her daughter was stabbed with such force the knife penetrated her entire body.

Just 15 minutes earlier Billingham had posted a photo on Facebook showing his smiling daughter eating pizza on his bed.

Officers and paramedics performed CPR on the youngster who was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospitals where she was pronounced dead at 11.30pm.

Billingham, who appeared emotionless in the dock as the verdict was read out, was jailed for life.

Following the verdict, it can also be revealed how Billingham tried to take his own life midway through the trial by cutting both his wrists with razor blades in his cell.

The court was told how he was rushed to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he underwent an operation after attempting to kill himself on September 21.

Killer cut his wrists in cell after jurors were shown CCTV footage of his daughter on the night she died

The jurors were not told Billingham had cut his wrists in his cell – using razor blades – part-way through his trial.

Billingham underwent surgery after the apparent attempt to end his own life in the early hours of September 21 – a day after his trial was shown CCTV footage of his daughter Mylee in a shop on the night he killed her.

The former leather industry worker looked at the floor and covered his eyes with his hands as the two-minute video was shown to jurors on the third day of his trial.

The father-of-six then failed to appear in court until the following week – when jurors were told to disregard the bandages on his lower arms, and given no details of how he came by his injuries.

In legal argument which could not be reported until the end of the trial, defence barrister David Mason QC said seeing CCTV of Mylee had badly affected Billingham, who spent four days in hospital.

On the morning Billingham was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital from HMP Birmingham, Mr Mason told the court his client had experienced ‘some sort of breakdown’ overnight, during which he was injured.

Billingham was eventually brought back to court on Tuesday September 25 – arriving in a taxi with a police escort, as his wounds meant he could not be handcuffed or placed in a prison van. 


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