Nevada poll worker claims she witnessed 'blatant fraud and people ripping open envelopes' near Biden-Harris team van’

A POLL worker in Nevada has claimed that she saw ballot envelopes being passed around and ripped open near a campaign van for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The Clark County poll workers, whose identity has been kept secret at her request, told Fox News' Laura Ingraham what she allegedly witness during a Tuesday night stint on The Ingraham Angle.

The whistleblower said she noticed white envelopes being passed around and torn open near a Biden-Harris van as she took a walk on her lunch break.

The envelope handlers then allegedly leaned against the side of the van to mark the papers, which she soon recognized were presidential ballots.

“As I got closer, I thought, ‘Those are ballots,’” she said.

“I walked by four or five times. On the next time I walked by, they were putting them in the envelopes. They were putting them in a white and pink envelope.”

Once the poll worker realized what was happening, she claimed a "human wall" was formed to block onlookers' view, which she said scared her.

The woman said she didn't intervene because she and other workers weren't given permission to speak with anybody outside the polling center.

She's since released a sworn affidavit to the Trump campaign detailing the alleged fraud she witnessed.

The affidavit, which was submitted to the Justice Department, also claims voters were allowed to cast ballots without proper identification.

State officials in Nevada denied any evidence of voter fraud last week, and Attorney General Aaron Ford slammed the Trump campaign's legal efforts as "garbage."

Donald Trump on Tuesday praised the "brave" whistleblower mailman in Pennsylvania who continues to stand by claims about ballot tampering in the Keystone State.

The president again slammed the presidential election as "rigged" in a retweet of a video postal worker Richard Hopkins shared with Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe on Tuesday.

Hopkins alleged that a postmaster in Erie told US Postal Service workers to backdate ballots that were mailed after Election Day. 

His claim was used by Republicans as possible proof of widespread voter fraud.

Senator Lindsey Graham used Hopkins’ claim in a letter to the Justice Department calling for an investigation.

Attorney General William Barr then authorized federal prosecutors to open an investigation into claims of voting irregularities before election results are certified – a reversal of a longstanding DOJ policy. 

The Washington Post reported that on Monday, Hopkins told the US Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General that the claims he made were not true.

Hopkins signed an affidavit that recanted his claims, the Post reported, citing three officials who were briefed on the investigation. 

The Inspector General’s office began investigating Hopkins’ claims last week after he went public with his allegations through Project Veritas. 

The Inspector General’s office began investigating Hopkins’ claims last week after he went public with his allegations through Project Veritas. 

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