Nigel Farage slams 'patronising stuck up snob' MEP who claimed Brexit Brits didn't know what they were voting for

NIGEL Farage slammed a "patronising stuck up snob" MEP who tried claiming 17.4million Brits who voted for Brexit had been misled.

The Brexit Party leader became embroiled in a slanging match with Lib Dem MEP Judith Bunting after she tore into him for his Brexit stance.

Ms Bunting had asked Mr Farage why he supported "inaccurate facts" in the lead up to the referendum in the European Parliament today.

But he fired back: “You patronising stuck up snob!

"How dare you tell people they didn’t know what they were voting for.

“They knew exactly what they were voting for.

“They were voting against 50 years of people like you lying to them.

“They did it, you promised you would enact it and you, the Liberal Democrats and others have betrayed the greatest democratic exercise in the history of our nation.”


Ms Bunting accused the 17.4million Brits who voted to leave the EU of being "misled".

She asked why Brexiteers including Mr Farage had supported "erroneous statistics and inaccurate facts".

Her comments were met with booing and jeering from Brexit Party MEPs.

Mr Farage today launched into another outburst after Michel Barnier ripped up Boris Johnson's new proposals for a deal.

The heated exchange came after sneering Brussels boss Guy Verhofstadt branded Boris a "traitor" three times today for trying to take Britain out of the EU.

The PM has been begging Leo Varadkar and Angela Merkel yesterday to engage in his plans, which so far they have refused to do.

Mr Farage told EU bosses: "We will never accept a German chancellor attempting to annex a part of our nation.

"Your wretched treaty is off the table, support for a clean-break Brexit is growing and it will be the winning ticket at the next general election."

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