North London house fire causes more than $500K in damage

London firefighters estimate a house fire in the city’s north end racked up more than $500,000 in damage on Monday.

Emergency personnel were called to a blaze at 58 Lavender Way around 7 p.m., according to Platoon Chief Gary Mosburger.

“The homeowner actually was the one that called 911 reporting that there was a structure fire in the home once they returned to their house,” Mosburger said.

“There was nobody in the home at the time.”

Mosburger describes the blaze as a “very deep-seated fire” that presented challenges to London fire crews.

“During the search efforts, one of our firefighters… did fall through a floor from the first to the second floor as the fire had burnt through a portion of that floor already,” Mosburger said.

He added that the firefighter who fell did not suffer any injuries.

The blaze required the help of about 25 firefighters, Mosburger said, adding that things were under control within an hour of their arrival.

While it’s still an early estimate, Mosburger said damage is pegged at more than $500,000.

Officers with London police remained at the scene overnight.

Fire prevention investigators are set to investigate the origin, cause and circumstance of the incident on Tuesday.

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