Packed outdoor bars blamed for NYC’s coronavirus spike among young adults

Young, upwardly-mobile New Yorkers who flooded the city’s restaurants and bars last month — not those who attended weeks of massive anti-police protests — are responsible for the spike in coronavirus cases among 20- to 29-year-olds, a city health official insisted Tuesday.

“This isn’t directly related to any one event, but more a combination of increasing social mobility,” Dr. Jay Varma, Mayor de Blasio’s senior advisor for public health, said at a briefing for reporters.

“We fully expect as people spend more time around other people that there is a risk that they will acquire infection. If you go out and look around the city people who are younger are going to be those most likely to go to say bars and restaurants, or have private gatherings, other types of activities or events,” Varma said.

The State Liquor Authority shut the famed White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village last week for “numerous” violations of coronavirus social-distancing rules.

And on Monday, de Blasio flagged the “worrisome” trend of rising COVID-19 infection rates for twenty-somethings.

“We’re seeing cases in parts of Manhattan in parts of Brooklyn among that age group that doesn’t exactly overlay with our poverty and racial disparities,” Varma said Tuesday.

During the height of the pandemic, poor, elderly minorities in Queens and The Bronx were among the hardest hit.

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