Pet owners snap their furry friends standing to attention

The cutest pets on two legs: Pet owners snap their furry friends standing to attention

Balancing perfectly on his two hind legs, Frank the kitten stole the nation’s hearts this week, writes Xantha LEATHAM.

The five-month-old won thousands of followers after a photograph was shared online of him performing the adorable trick.

Here at the Mail we knew he couldn’t be the only pet in the country who occasionally prefers life on two legs instead of four. So we asked readers to send in snaps of their beloved companions acting more human than animal.

After receiving hundreds of pictures we’ve picked out a selection of those that really made us smile.

From dogs that stand on command to cats who like to peer out the window, here’s a gallery of your adorable animals.

Frank the five-month-old cat won thousands of followers after a photograph was shared online of him performing this adorable trick

Walkies! Bearded collie Nell waits to cross the road in Inverness with owner Joyce Cruikshank 

A glass act: These two 15-year-old Bengals are Fiki (right) and sister Kira. Owner Karen Leahy of Poole, Dorset, says Fiki once pulled a wine bottle from a cupboard and smashed it 

Meal appeal: Chihuahua Henry smells food! He lives in South Yorkshire with Melanie Hope

Mane attraction: We were sent more than a dozen pictures of Asha on two paws – enough for a calendar! The six-year-old border collie, who lives in County Down, Northern Ireland, with owner Connie Kells, ‘just loves to please’ and even fetches the remote control for the TV

Well named: Laura Jervis, of Surrey, says that Littleman, aged three, loves standing on his back legs, especially if a tasty meal is in sight

Terrier trick: Buster the Jack Russel, three, does this all the time ‘for no reason’, says Carolyn Jones, of Newport, South Wales 

Is it playtime already? Poppy, a papillon pup, does this when she wants a toy or treat, according to owner Jacqui Barnett of Watford

Eye of the tiger: Unusual sounds get Rocky up on his hind legs. He lives in Wick, Caithness, with Craig Allen 

Short and sweet: What makes Joan Gale, of Essex, laugh most are chihuahua-poodle cross Amy’s little legs: just 9in long!

The cat’s whiskers: Gloria is mischievous, says Vicky Pardy of Exmouth, and knocks everything on the floor 

Beagle-eyed: Bentley stands on his back legs to see over tall grass. He lives in Warrington with owner Amber Halliday

Missing Mischief: Valerie Singleton, of Blue Peter fame, says that sadly Mischief died after a road accident

Snack attack: Sox, an eight-year-old schnauzer/Yorkie/shihtzu cross, also taps Evelyn Addison of Bushney, Herts, on her arms or leg when she wants some food

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