Piers Morgan mocked on Twitter after slamming Matt Hancock for not wearing face mask – in 2018 video

PIERS Morgan was mercilessly mocked on social media today after he hit out at Matt Hancock for not wearing a mask – in 2018.

Users were quick to screenshot an apparent tweet from Piers in which he shared an old video of the Health Secretary trying out Parkour two years ago.

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The tweet, which appears to have been deleted, read: "Health Secretary wears no mask and practices no social distancing, to boast about jumping 3ft off a small wall."

Mr Hancock had originally tweeted the photo on July 2 2018, as is marked at the top ofthe snap.


He is stood closely next to the Parkour President Sebastien Foucan and is not wearing any PPE.

He wrote at the time: Great to try a bit of Parkour this morning with @ParkourUK President @SebastienFoucan."

It was almost two years before the coronavirus outbreak began and long before masks were ever considered for everyday use.

Users on Twitter were quick to spot the mistake, with one writing: "Piers Morgan is complaining about Matt Hancock not wearing a mask in 2018.

"Piers, you’re shouting at 2018!"

Another wrote: "Awkward one @piersmorgan – check the date…"

Another added: "Well, at least he swiftly deleted the tweet."


The Good Morning Britain host has long been at logger heads with the Health Secretary, with a furious row between the pair sparking 47 Ofcom complaints for GMB in March.

Piers tore into the cabinet minister after a heated debate over the coronavirus outbreak and accused Mr Hancock of not taking the issue seriously.

Speaking about coronavirus measures, Mr Morgan demanded to know why people were not yet banned from going out.

Mr Hancock tried to calm the furious host saying "I know you’ve got frustrations", only to be interrupted.

More recently, Piers blasted the Health Secretary over Manchester United ace Marcus Rashford’s fight for free school meals.

The GMB host told the Health Secretary to “do your bit” after the England striker, 22, sent an impassioned plea to 650 MPs to feed more than a million of the UK's poorest kids through the summer holiday.

He fumed on air: “Who the hell did Matt Hancock think he was, lecturing footballers?

“He’s not prepared to follow that himself.

“He’s not prepared to lose a penny of his own salary – he’s been a total fiasco in this pandemic as Health Secretary."

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