Pig bites Venezuelan fitness model’s bum during beach holiday

What a swine! Model gets bitten on the rear by cheeky pig during Bahamas holiday

  • Michelle Lewin was frolicking in the sand when the cheeky pigs walked up to her 
  • As she twirled on beach in the Bahamas one pig jumped up and bit her buttock
  • Venezuelan model ran away screaming in pain as the four pigs chased after her
  • She posted video of attack on Instagram to share with her 13.3 million followers

A pig chased after a fitness model as she relaxed on a beach on holiday and bit her on the bum.

Michelle Lewin was at the beach during her holiday in the Bahamas when the cheeky swine chased after her and bit her left buttock. 

The Venezuelan stunner was walking along the sand being filmed when the pig launched its attack. 

As she twirled on the beach the group of four pigs walked up behind her.

Michelle Lewin was bitten on the bum by a pig as she twirled on the sand in the Bahamas

After one of the pigs bit the model, the pack continued to give chase and another launched itself at her

The Venezuelan model shared the footage of the pig attack to her followers on Instagram

One then jumped up and sank its teeth in to her behind as she turned her back to the pack, causing her to scream in pain.

As the model ran away from the feisty drove of pigs, they followed and another pig tried to take a fresh bite.

She shared the clip with her 13.3 million Instagram followers and over 4 million people have viewed it in the first 12 hours of publication. 

In the viral footage, the blonde model can be seen wearing a skimpy white bikini on the beach as she turned her back to the approaching pigs.

The marauding gang of pigs walked up behind Ms Lewin and one bit her when she turned her back to them 

Ms Lewin showed a large red mark on her left buttock to the camera after the pig bit her

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Without hesitation, the saucy pig bit the 32-year-old hard on her bum and she then ran away screaming, saying: ‘It bit me, it bit me.’

In the next clip, Ms Lewin showed off the bite mark on her left buttock to the camera.

She was left with a large red mark on her backside. 

According to local media, the fitness specialist is currently visiting the Bahamas on holiday.

She reportedly had a tough upbringing as a youngster and became a fitness model and social media influencer through years of building up her profile to now command millions of fans. 

She shared the clip with her 13.3 million Instagram followers and the footage was viewed over 4 million times within 12 hours 

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