Resident’s diary records every bit of crime spotted on his road in last month

An angry resident has revealed his shocking diary records showing every bit of filth and crime spotted on a 100m stretch of his road in just 27 days.

His records show people urinating and defecating in the street as well as suspicious exchanges between hooded youths.

The shocking list of instances were recorded between June and July last year, on Beverley Road in Hull.

Already offering five mini-market off-licences, the unnamed man’s diary was submitted as evidence by the police in a bid to prevent the council granting a licence for a sixth shop, reports the Hull Daily Mail .

It comes just a week after a gang of rowdy street drinkers were seen at the other end of the same road – close to the Mail offices – swigging red wine and fighting with each other.

Although the street drinking gangs are separate and not known to each other, the issue of drunks causing misery appears to stretch the length of Beverley Road. Nearby Spring Bank is also a hot-spot for gangs of drunks, who have previously been described as a "menace" by worried residents.

The diary, written in full below, was submitted as evidence by Humberside Police in the force’s objection to the granting of a new licence for a sixth store – Zodiak Local – but city councillors still voted unanimously to approve the application.

Here’s what happened in the space of 27 days last June and July

June 20, 7.30pm: One middle-aged male drinking down tenfoot.

June 20-22: Fly-tipping. Four large black bags dumped in front garden of empty house next door.

June 22, 10.48am: Two middle-aged men drinking down tenfoot.

June 22, 10.58am: Five youths drinking down tenfoot, Washington Street entrance. Read signs on walls, moved down tenfoot to Suffolk Street.

June 23, 10.15am: Two young males exchanged items down tenfoot.

June 23, 1.50pm: Three males exchanged items down tenfoot.

June 23, 4.15pm: Two males drinking and urinating in entrance to property.

June 23, 7.40pm: Male urinating down tenfoot.

June 23, 11.15pm: Three males and one female exchange items in teenfoot.

June 24, 00.05am: Two males and one female exchange items outside front door.

June 24, 12.47pm: Two workmen from pizza shop dump old mattress in alleyway off tenfoot. I tell them to move it.

June 24, no time: Someone has defecated down tenfoot against house wall.

June 25, 1.20pm: Male and female on the corner of tenfoot drinking and having an altercation.

June 27, 5.30pm: Young male urinating against the wall down tenfoot.

June 30, 4.20pm: Young male urinating against the wall down tenfoot.

June 30, 6pm: Two young males sat on floor down tenfoot with bag of beer near Suffolk Street entrance. Left empty cans of beer.

July 1, 5pm: Two young men sat on wall opposite no-drinking signs with bag of beer and drinking. Left their bags of empty cans.

July 2, 7.40pm: Two young males drinking down tenfoot. When I pointed out drinking was not allowed, crossed over to drink on other side of the road.

July 7, 5.15pm: Two middle-aged men drinking down tenfoot. I pointed out the signs. Told me they would carry on until they had finished their drink but moved when I mentioned I would ring the police.

July 8, 12pm: Two males drinking and urinating down tenfoot.

July 8, 5,30pm: Two males settled on the ground with a bag of beer cans.

July 9, 11.30am: Male who lives down Washington Street urinated in tenfoot.

July 10, 10.30am: Two males sat on floor drinking cans of beer.

July 10, 10. 40am: Mature man urinated in full view of pedestrians at corner of Dove House clothing shop.

July 18, 5.35pm: Two males drinking down tenfoot.

July 21, 5.10pm: Two males exchanging money for something in tenfoot.

July 22, 6.20pm: Two males drinking down tenfoot opposite notices on wall. Reaction was they had no problem in drinking down tenfoot and I shouldn’t either until I mentioned I would ring police.

July 24, 7.30am: Two males drinking down tenfoot.

July 24, 7.45am: Male carrying bag of cans drinking and being very sick down tenfoot.

July 27, 5.35pm: Two males at the end of tenfoot drinking and urinating.

In evidence submitted to the licensing committee, Humberside Police community beat manager PC Stephen Morley revealed just one dispersal notice had been issued by the force over a 12-month period in the area under special powers introduced in 2016 to combat street drinking and antisocial behaviour.

That followed an incident when a man was arrested at 9.30am for being drunk and disorderly on the forecourt of the Jet garage after he urinated in full view of a woman customer who was filling her vehicle with fuel.

In a statement, PC Morley said the problems were almost exclusively being caused by eastern European males as the area was used as a daily pick-up and drop-off point for factory workers.

He added: "Local residents have been complaining to the police for several years now about the anti-social behaviour by mainly males who are congregating on Beverley Road and in the tenfoots, drinking alcohol, defecating, leaving litter and empty alcohol containers."

In granting the licence for the new Zodiak Local store, the shop will only be allowed a minimum of four cans or bottles of beer in a single transaction.

All sales will also be restricted to alcohol with a volume strength of 6.5 per cent or below.

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