Severed head ‘found in burnt-out car’ feared to belong to missing boy, 17, after limbs dumped in bag outside homes – The Sun

THE severed head of a missing boy feared murdered in a gangland drug war is believed to have been found in a burnt out car.

It comes after limbs were discovered in a sports bag dumped outside homes in Dublin on Monday night.

Detectives believe the remains are linked and belong to a 17-year-old boy who vanished from his hometown of Drogheda, Ireland.

The teen — warned in a sickening online video he would be kidnapped, murdered and his body dismembered — was reported missing by his worried family on Monday.

Hours later the arms and limbs were discovered in a sports bag outside homes in Coolock, North Dublin.

Today human remains were found in a burnt out car three miles away in the city's Drumcondra district.

Police believe the discovery is linked to the disappearance of the missing boy.

And the Irish Sun can reveal the teen was officially warned by police on January 5 that his life was under threat.

Although officers have yet to establish a positive identity of the human remains, they will be testing DNA from the limbs against the missing boy’s for a match.

Officers had already obtained the lad’s DNA after he was convicted last month of intimidating the mother of a teenager who owed a drug debt to one of the feuding drug mobs.

He smashed the windows of her house before throwing a petrol bomb into it.

The teen — due to turn 18 next month — had also been linked to other petrol bomb attacks connected to the lethal turf war last year.

During the feud, the teen, who also had connections to Mr Flashy’s gang in Finglas, had been working as an enforcer for paralysed gang boss Owen Maguire’s associates.


But he’s also suspected of working with Maguire’s enemies and the main theory is that he was butchered by them after a dispute.

A source said: “There are a number of young men playing both sides and the problem is they think they’re invincible. If this is feud related then this takes the violence to a whole new level.”

Investigators in Coolock, North Dublin and Drogheda are now working together on the gruesome murder and held a case conference yesterday.

They are also examining other missing persons’ cases and have urged people to come forward.

Officers are now trying to ­establish where the victim — who’s also understood to have been threatened on social media — was murdered.

One theory is that the victim may have been murdered outside the capital before his body parts were brought to Coolock.

Officers are also probing if the killers dumped the bag because of police activity in the area.

There was a huge police presence in the area on Monday night after another vehicle crashed into a patrol car.

It’s understood the suspects were involved in a robbery and were attempting to flee from the area.

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