Tories set for drubbing in EU elections as extreme Brexit parties get boost from chaos

TORIES are set for a drubbing in next month's EU elections as other parties cash in on the chaos of Brexit.

New polling shows Labour would soar ahead of the Conservatives if the deadlock continues and Britain is forced to take part in the European votes.

Theresa May said just three weeks ago she didn't want Britain to have to contest them, but her Brexit deal has still not been passed by MPs.

She's still hoping it can be passed by May 22 so we don't have to take part, almost three years after we leave.

A poll for Open Europe found that less than one in four voters (23 per cent) are set to opt for the Tories, compared to 38 per cent who would back Labour.

Tory votes are falling away to other parties like Nigel Farage's Brexit Party – which was on 10 per cent, and Ukip is soaring to 7.5 per cent of the vote.

Almost half of Leavers said they would consider voting for the ex-Ukip boss' new venture over the way that Brexit has unfolded.

Many are fuming that we still haven't left the EU months on from the referendum, and MPs are repeatedly blocking our exit.

The last EU elections in 2014 saw Ukip dominate in the UK with more than 26 per cent of the vote – followed by the Tories on 23 per cent and Labour on 24.

But turnout will likely be low even if Britain has to vote in next month's poll, experts think.

Whenever we finally do leave the EU our elected representatives will cease to sit in Brussels.

Just 35 per cent of people said they would definitely vote.

Open Europe Director, Henry Newman said: “Right across the EU, European elections are seen by voters as an opportunity to register a protest.

"Assuming Brexit is further delayed and the UK is forced to hold elections for new MEPs, those elections will give the public a chance to send a message on Brexit."

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