Trump taunts Democrats over Russia collusion lawsuit

President Trump needled the Democratic Party Saturday over its multimillion-dollar lawsuit claiming damages for an alleged conspiracy between Wikileaks, the Russian government, and the Trump campaign to swing the 2016 presidential election.

“So funny, the Democrats have sued the Republicans for Winning,” Trump goaded in a 2:52 pm tweet. “Now [the] R’s counter and force them to turn over a treasure trove of material, including Servers and Emails!”

The threat of a Republican counter-suit followed Trump’s initial tweet on the topic, which hailed the DNC lawsuit as “good news.”

“We will now counter for the DNC Server that they refused to give to the FBI, the Debbie Wasserman Schultz Servers and Documents held by the Pakistani mystery man and Clinton Emails,” he posted Friday night.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating alleged connections between Russia and the Trump campaign since May.

Deputy Attorney General Robert Rosenstein, who is overseeing Mueller, told Trump last week that the president is not – at this point — the investigation’s target.

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