Woman risks her life to save beer kegs by jumping into floodwater during storm

A woman was spotted jumping into a flooded beach to rescue two massive beer kegs which had been swept away at a surf club during a monstrous storm.

Australia's east coast has been hit by record-breaking heavy rains since the weekend and the State Emergency Service has ordered thousands of residents to evacuate their homes

The wild weather across Currumbin near Gold Coast in Queensland saw monstrous waves hitting a local surf club on a beach.

Footage taken by 7News captures a woman risking her life to save two beer kegs from being washed out to the sea.

She rushes into the thigh-deep waters and almost falls as the strong winds batter her from all directions.

But the brave local manages to rescue the kegs and drags it back to safety.

She told the media: "There's nothing like the ocean. It's pretty spectacular."

Locals from the nearby tourist spot of Gold Coast have described the weather conditions as cyclonic, with panels being blown off buildings.

The chaotic disruption led to a partial closure of Ferny Avenue in Surfers Paradise, it is reported.

Both Queensland and New South Wales have been warned to expect "damaging winds and heavy rainfall", with further coastal erosion and flooding expected.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said weather experts had warned that La Nina would have an impact all over over Australia.

La Nina is a cold weather event that brings widespread rain thanks to below-average sea surface temperatures across the east-central Equatorial Pacific.

Berejiklian told ABC News: "We need to expect the unexpected.

"I'm hoping what we've seen in the last few days won't be repeated frequently over summer, but it could. Our weather experts tell us we're expecting conditions worse than what we've seen in quite a number of years."

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