5 Haircare Secrets Anya Taylor-Joy Follows For Mermaid-Like Hair

You may know Anya Taylor-Joyas the charming chess genius, Beth Harmon, from The Queen’s Gambit.However, as iconic as her red bob was, it was just a wig. Her natural hair is more similar to that of her role of Emma in Emma.

Her long, golden mane was the topic of conversation when she absolutely stopped the (virtual) show with her long platinum hair at the Golden Globes (where she happened to win Best Actress in a Limited Series to boot). Believe it or not, that was all her real hair!

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Despite it looking spectacular in this big moment, Anya hasn’t had the easiest time with her hair–especially with constantly changing up for different roles. She had to learn the hard way how important good hair care is. Here’s what we know about her routine.

She regrets bleaching her hair.

“I learnt the hard way on my acting second job: You cannot bleach your hair every week for three months and expect it to survive! (I did a movie called Morgan that required me to have silver hair and bleached eyebrows, and I learnt that both are incredibly difficult to maintain.)” Anya told Harper’s Bazaar .

She goes on to say that her hair had become so damaged that she gave herself a bob with kitchen scissors. Yikes. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you want to give yourself an at-home bob, just promise me you’ll use hair scissors instead.

“Ever since that moment, though, I made sure to take really good care of my hair, because it’s so much fun to be a chameleon, but you can only do that if your hair is actually in good condition,” Anya told Harper’s Bazaar.

She uses conditioner root to tip.

“I work in conditioner from the roots to the tips, leave it in for a while, and then only rinse out the conditioner from my roots,” she told Harper’s Bazaar, acknowledging that most hair stylists advise you not to do this. But, she triples up on hydration to counteract her dry hair.

She swears by hair serum and leave-in conditioner.

“I am the biggest believer in leave-in conditioner and serums,” Anya toldHarper’s Bazaar. Wow, hydration really is Anya’s middle name. So what products does she use?

“David Mallet has [a nice serum] too, which is fab, and I like to work that into wet hair because it dries really nicely without having to use a hairdryer. Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer mask is heaven. It really, really works,” Anya said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

She loves salty beach hair.

“I love the ocean and that texture that it gets when you’ve been surfing or swimming. I don’t own a hair-dryer. I tend to just wash my hair, put it up in a bun, and let it dry,” Anya told Glamour. Who needs a blow dryer when you have the ocean air?

She is a loyal client of Karine Jackson.

Karine Jackson owns a sustainable salon in London where she uses all of her own vegan and organic products. And, this is right up Anya’s alley. Jackson carries one of Anya’s favorite serums that is vegan, light, and protective.

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