Demi Lovato’s New Look Is Turning Heads Everywhere

Demi Lovato is no stranger to change or experimentation. She’s been in the music industry for years, and has a catalogue that is incredibly diverse and can’t be pinned into one category or genre. As of August 2020, at least ten of her songs (most of which have a unique sound) have broken through Billboard’s Hot 100 Hits charts, proving that her creativity and willingness to try something new always pays off.

Apparently, this applies to more than one aspect of her life, including her personal style. Lovato’s hair journey is well documented. For over a decade, she has flirted with both light and dark colors, different hair lengths and styles according to Teen Vogue. Even though she’s known for her signature dark and wavy locks, she has never been afraid to test out a new look.

In true Demi Lovato fashion, she recently shook things up and gave herself a complete makeover. Her latest hair color has fans talking for all of the right reasons (via Pure Wow).

Demi Lovato's sugary pink pixie cut is a breath of fresh air

Demi Lovato is using the new year to make a drastic change to her look, and there are no complaints here. In January 2021, Lovato revealed she traded in her brunette locks for a daring pink pixie cut on her Instagram. Using a simple pink heart as her caption, it didn’t take long for fans to freak out in her comments. British model Iskra Lawrence commented “Well we already knew but just to confirm…Can pull anything off”, a sentiment shared by many of Lovato’s fans.

Over on Twitter, Lovato’s stunning hair transformation has fans speculating that new music is coming. One user wrote “WE [sic] SO GETTING A NEW ERA”, while another added “Can’t wait for the announcement”. In a December 2020 episode of rapper Jeezy’s (Re)Session Podcast, Lovato announced that new music is on the way in 2021, so their guesses aren’t far off.

A look back at Demi Lovato's most iconic hair moments

This isn’t the first time that Demi Lovato has turned heads with her bold look. Before her pastel pink look, Lovato chopped off her signature locks in November 2020, and showed off an edgy blonde pixie ‘do on Instagram. Lovato’s hair stylist Amber Maynard Bolt shared with Page Six the reason why Lovato changes her hairstyle so often. “There is something about changing your hair so drastically that allows you to own yourself in a way you never thought! I’ve been doing Demi’s color for almost 10 years now, so I’m no stranger to change with her,” she explained. Bolt also added that the daring side-shaved cut “was a direct reflection of who she is and how she feels”.

Lovato’s experimenting doesn’t stop there. A year prior, Lovato channeled singer Billie Eilish’s own iconic black and green hair style with dip-dyed green tips. Even though Lovato has played around with bright hair colors in the past, the gorgeous contrast between the neon green and her signature dark hair makes this hairstyle memorable (via Refinery 29).

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