Drew Barrymore's $10 Mascara Is Honestly Way Better Than You Think It's Going to Be

There are many things that we can rely on Drew Barrymore for. Among them: realistic tales of internet dating, unconventional spurts of thought, and beauty tips that actually work. The latter, I've come to discover, can come in the form of using a volumizing mascara from her makeup line, Flower Beauty. 

I'm not typically a makeup person (especially when I'm home all day every day), but during this period of social distancing, I've taken up some quick Zoom looks that help me feel like I'm more of a human being and less of one of the monsters I grew up watching on Scooby-Doo — though, as you'll see below, my under-eye bags resemble those of the Cryptkeeper, no matter how much product I apply. To create my good-enough-for-camera looks, mascara is key. So after a bit of research looking for one that's affordable and has good ratings, I found the Golden Globe winner's mascara. 

The mascara comes in an eye-catching bright pink tube that looks like the punk rock singer aesthetic I've always internally aspired to. But what stood out most to me was the spoolie brush. It's full-figured at the top and bottom, and slighter thinner in the middle. This kind of hourglass design looked like it could do some heavy lifting in the application process (again, I'm not a makeup person, so I look for any hack I can), and I was immediately intrigued. 

As somebody who loves to be affirmed, my first time using the mascara was extremely gratifying. Reason being? The spoolie brush did just what I had hoped it would — and then some. With one swipe, it woke up my lashes and brought them to their new potential. They looked as if they grew instantly, in both length and volume. 

The unique brush transformed my rather thin and inconspicuous lashes into the bombshell look that Victoria's Secret advertisements have forever ingrained in my head. I felt ready to ditch upcoming Zoom meetings to instead strut around town because, even while wearing my favorite vibrant face mask, I knew that my eyes would be the standout. 

Here's where a wildcard comes in. After writing about Gigi Hadid's surprisingly affordable makeup and skincare routine, I had one note of hers stuck in my head. It was a hack that she dropped so subtly, you might not catch it while watching her behind-the-scenes tutorial.

"This is strange, but I do mascara, then I finish my blush and highlighter," she says in the Vogue video. "Then I like to go back to the mascara and reapply." This one-two punch was a new approach to me, but I liked the sound of it. So I did as the real-life bombshells do and applied my Flower Beauty mascara first before anything else, then came back to my lashes at the end of my routine. 

Summer Flower Beauty Mascara

You'll see my lashes (and tired eyes) at the top with no mascara on, in the middle with one layer of the Flower Beauty product on, and below, after I completed my entire makeup routine with another layer.

This trick allowed for each coat to dry without getting clumpy, and made it so that the final layer was an exact extension — not an uninvited addition — of the first. 

So, albeit an unlikely combo, I owe Drew Barrymore and Gigi Hadid for my new mascara routine that actually makes my lashes look volumized, fuller, and fabulous. Don't worry, though. Applications for our growing girl squad are open. Just be sure to shop the product below before sending in your references. And good news: It's buy one, get one 50 percent off at Ulta for the time being. 

FLOWER Beauty Warrior Princess Mascara

Shop now: $10; ulta.com; amazon.com 

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