Greg Jennings Says Bodybuilding Helped Improve His Confidence and Mental Health

Former NFL wide receiver Greg Jennings has taken up bodybuilding since retiring from pro football in 2016. Back in July, Men’s Health reported that Jennings, now 37, was prepping for his first professional competition.

Since then, the 10-year NFL veteran has continued to keep fans up to date on his fitness journey with occasional photos and videos posted to his social media accounts.

In his most recent Instagram update, Jennings took a moment to reflect on the hard work he’s put in over the past year. This time, he focused more specifically on the surprising mental health benefits he’s reaped from his dramatic physical transformation.

“I started this fitness journey knowing it was going to be a long and grueling, yet rewarding process,” he wrote. “Never considering the confidence it would provide. All that was required of me was to START.” Once he’d done that, Jennings writes, he realized he could “hold his own” and stopped comparing himself to others.

In a series of photos accompanying the post, the FOX Sports analyst is seen in the gym doing a variety of classic upper body exercises, including a seated dumbbell shoulder press. In the final shot, Jennings strikes a triumphant pose in front of the weight rack, proudly showing off his gains. Perhaps no surprise, then, that he chooses to end his update on a self-reflective, but optimistic note.

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“I continue even now to push past all the negative thoughts and the hard days,” Jennings continues, “realizing I’m building muscle to support me, that will keep me strong, healthy, and ultimately allow me to look in the mirror with confidence and be proud of what I see and in the same breath never satisfied.”

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