How Long You Should Really Keep Bras

Bad news for women everywhere — the bra you’re wearing right now probably needs to be thrown out. As Lyn Lewis, CEO of lingerie company Journelle, told HuffPost, “Bras have an expiration and a shelf life, just like everything else.” So, how long you should really keep bras? Probably no more than six months. “If you have a large selection of bras in rotation, you can go longer than six months before replacing your bras if you’re caring for those bras properly,” Ali Cudby, founder of Fab Foundations, revealed to Real Simple. For example, “Putting your bras in the dryer breaks down the elastic much more quickly, so save your bras from an untimely death by letting them air dry and hand wash them when possible,” she continued.

If your bra starts to lose its shape, it means you need a new bra

Luckily, there are usually a whole lot tell-tale signs that you shouldn’t keep your bra. For example, “You should be able to get two to three fingers in between the band and your skin when it’s closed,” Lewis told HuffPost. Lewis explained that if you pull it far beyond the hooks, “it’s probably time to replace your bra.” 

Oh, and “[if] you can see clearly the outline of a bra cup through a T-shirt, it’s likely because the wearer’s bra is stretched out or has become too big for them,” she added. “It means that you’re not being supported and you’re not getting the best shape, and it’s probably not very comfortable.”

If you’re unsure, the solution is simple — consult a bra fitting professional. Not only is a good idea to get your bra size reassessed every year, they’ll also be able to help analyse the state of your bra.

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