I Dyed My Hair Blue at Home, and Whoever Said Blondes Have More Fun Was Mistaken

My Hair After the Hally Hair Dye

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  • Dyeing your hair for Halloween can elevate any costume.
  • Hally is a new beauty brand that specializes in temporary hair color.
  • Ahead of the holiday, one editor tried the “underlayer” color trend with Hally’s blue shade for Halloween.

Black, blond, red, and the accidental orange — I’ve dyed my hair a fair share of colors. It’s naturally a chestnut-brown shade, and while I love the color, I also like to change things up when I can. The idea of dyeing my hair at home used to strike me as daring, but after I tried an at-home temporary treatment earlier this year, I realized it wasn’t particularly butterfly inducing. Plus, with Halloween on the horizon, I knew it was time to try something new. Hally Hair launched a limited-edition blue shade that I knew would not only complement my hair’s base color but also my Aquamarine-inspired costume, meaning it was practically a match made in (hair) heaven.

A few fast facts about the product: Hally’s hair color comes in five shades — blond, brown, pink, purple, and black. (The Blue Crush color I used is currently out of stock, so I will just review the formula and process.) The dyes are vegan and feature ingredients like lavender, ginseng, and aloe, and are safe for all hair types. They’re also free from sulfates and parabens. As for the product itself, it’s easy to apply and easy to clean up — a big win for me considering I got some of it on my neck.

Check out the step-by-step process of how to use the hair dye and a review of the product, and see the results for yourself.

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