“I’m a fragrance enthusiast – these are the best spring perfumes from affordable to luxury”

Written by Morgan Fargo

From Boy Smells to Byredo, Maya Nije and more, spring is a particularly exciting time to explore new fragrances and perfumes. Stylist’s senior beauty writer breaks down the scents she returns to every single year.

When I was younger, my mum and I would sit for hours spraying perfumes and chatting about what they reminded us of and how they changed as time went on. A similar activity to learning about and appreciating art, it was an exploration in discovering the fragrances I naturally gravitated towards and developing the language to explain why. 

An incredibly intimate part of getting ready, the fragrances we wear can help crystallise our identity, remind us of a certain time (or person) or imbue the calmness and confidence that can otherwise be difficult to pin down.

Much like my skincare routine, I like to cycle between scents depending on the month, weather and occasion. And, after what feels like years of cold, dark days, this spring feels like a renewal of sorts – something to mark with a perfume that brings levity, wonder and fun. Here are the six spring fragrances I return to time and again, with a couple of brilliant newer releases thrown in, too. 

  • Maya Nije Les Fleurs

    Key notes: magnolia, floral musk, bergamot, neroli, fig, unwilted wood.

    A burst of warm magnolia, bright bergamot and jammy fig, Maya Nije’s Les Fleurs is a refreshing, earthy scent that encapsulates the first bloom of the year. 

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  • Byredo De Los Santos

    Key notes: mirabelle, sage, orris root, cistus, amber, incense.

    The newest scent from Byredo, De Los Santos isn’t a traditional spring fragrance, in that it doesn’t bring to mind thoughts of roses, fresh buds or an end to the rain. 

    Instead, it’s a beautiful, grounding, spicy, woody fragrance that feels immediately warming with a slight smokiness. After an hour, it dries down to a slightly lighter woody note with a small upkick of sweeter spice at the end. If you love smudging or using palo santo in your wellness routine, this fragrance is for you. 

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  • Jo Malone Orange Blossom

    Key notes: clementine flower, white lilac, orriswood, water lily, balsamic vetiver.

    In my heart, I live in a meadow, wear Jo Malone Orange Blossom cologne and only eat from picnic baskets. In reality, I spritz it liberally throughout the spring and summer for a refreshing burst of sunshine clementines, white lilac and water lily paired with an earthy, green vetiver base. It’s a scent that takes you from day to night, formal or casual and throughout the warmer seasons. A classic for a reason, it’s a true delight.

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  • Boy Smells Marble Fruit

    Key notes: jasmine, magnolia, wild freesia, pear, pink peppercorn, nectarine, cinnamon.

    Sometimes, a fragrance comes along and has everything you love in one olfactory blend. For me, it’s the Boy Smells Marble Fruit Eau de Parfum. With top notes of pear, nectarine and pink pepper, there’s a spiced, freshness to the softer, brighter floral middle notes of magnolia, jasmine, freesia and rose. Undertones of sandalwood and cedar ground the scent in clear, crisp woodiness. 

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  • Philosophy Pure Grace

    Key notes: water lily, lush greens, frosted musk.

    Pure Grace by Philosophy is one of those perfumes I return to over and over again – especially in the spring and summer. Created to mimic the “just bathed” scent of water and soap, it cuts through hot weather and stressful days with sumptuous clarity. 

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  • Diptyque Vetyverio

    Key notes: mandarin, musk, grapefruit, geranium, ylang-ylang.

    Finally, the last perfume in my forever list of spring (but also all year round) favourites: Diptyque’s Vetyverio. Smooth and zingy at the same time, it combines the citrus lightness of grapefruit with woody cedar, earthy vetiver, delicate rose and bright geranium. 

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