I've Tried Hundreds of Hair Products, and This Is the 1 I Always Come Back To

In my decade-long career as an editor, I’ve been able to test an incredible amount of products, from hair care and beauty tools to in-office treatments and, yes, even a bidet. Though I love the opportunity to try new things from both emerging brands and legacy companies, there are a select few products I always reach for and will happily spend money on. One of those products is the Crown Affair The Oil ($40).

While I have a lot of hair, it’s very fine, meaning it can oftentimes get weighed down or feel greasy after using styling products. I also blow-dry and curl my hair every few days, so I’m very aware of my need to use products that are heat protectant. Beyond that, I’m truly just lazy — I love products that are multiuse, that work for both heat-styling and air-drying, and that are relatively forgiving if I accidentally use too much.

Crown Affair’s The Oil is the only product out of hundreds I’ve tried that gives me the same flawless result every time I use it, no matter if my hair is being styled with heat, left completely to its own devices, or in a different climate — which is saying a lot. Keep reading for my full review of the Crown Affair The Oil and how I use it in my routine.

About the Crown Affair The Oil

  • The lightweight serum is made with two superstar ingredients: Japanese tsubaki seed oil, which adds flexibility, strength, and hydration to hair, and meadowfoam seed oil, a natural heat protectant and emollient that locks in moisture for longer.
  • The oil can be used on any hair type.
  • It has a subtle unisex scent of Italian bergamot, yuzu, and lemongrass.
  • The five-ingredient formula is clean, cruelty-free, and vegan and uses ethically sourced ingredients.

What I Like About the Crown Affair The Oil

What do I like about The Oil, you ask? *Russell Hammond voice* Everything. First off, it’s very lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair or leave it looking greasy, even after blow-drying. That’s also not to say that it doesn’t provide full coverage — a little bit of this product goes a long way.

Like I mentioned above, it’s also foolproof when it comes to application. I’ve oftentimes applied what I feel like is too much, to soaking-wet hair and to nearly fully air-dried hair, and gotten the same final blow-dried result. Because I know it’s going to give me exactly what I want when all is said and done, The Oil is what I reach for when I need to look my best — parties, dates, weddings, and just general life. I also love that the theory holds true for air-dried hair as well as blow-dried. No matter what I do, my hair is shiny, smooth, and decidedly frizz-free — even when I go to my ridiculously humid hometown in Florida.

Finally, the scent. Bergamot is one of my favorite smells, so I adore how The Oil leaves a lingering fragrance on my hair. I don’t seem to be the only one who’s into it, since the brand makes a hair perfume of the signature scent. It feels like a true perfume, rather than the kind of sickly sweet or fruity scent many hair products opt for.

How to Use the Crown Affair The Oil

Because the brand says the product can be used on any hair type, it’s broken down how to apply it for each general style. How much you use will depend on the length, density, and porosity of your hair; for example, I use about 3/4 of a pipette on my entire head, but that’s likely not enough for someone with thicker or more coily hair.

Here’s what the brand recommends:

  • For straight and wavy hair: Apply The Oil to your fingertips, and work it into damp hair from midlengths to ends before air-drying or heat-styling as usual. For thicker hair, use the oil as a styling refresh on dry hair for extra hydration and shine. This is how I use it, working from ends to roots on damp hair. I also occasionally will use a dab on dry hair to smooth any flyaways.
  • For curly hair: Work The Oil through damp hair post-wash from midlengths to ends. For dry hair, apply The Oil to add hydration as needed and refresh your curls.
  • For coiled hair: Apply The Oil onto your ends to lock in moisture. If you do a twist out, braid out, or wash and go, use The Oil between a leave-in and styling cream for added hydration. On the second or third day post-wash, lightly spray hair with water and reapply The Oil to your ends.

What to Consider Before Trying the Crown Affair The Oil

While The Oil isn’t wildly expensive, it’s still on the pricier side when compared to, say, drugstore brands. That being said, the quality of this product can’t be beat — it really makes the case for spending your money on products that use quality ingredients and scientifically backed formulas. While I’m lucky enough to get most of my beauty products for free, this is one I continue to purchase myself time and time again.


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