Olivia Jade Debuts Hair Makeover In ‘Buss It’ Challenge Video After Chopping Her Hair Off: See Before & After Look

Olivia Jade is latest star to participate in the ‘Buss It’ challenge craze — but, her video also included a hair makeover! See the YouTuber’s new choppy cut and drastic curtain bands.

Olivia Jade Giannulli is kicking off the new year with a new do’! The 21-year-old internet personality took to TikTok on February 3, to share her rendition of the #BussItChallenge — the latest viral dance craze that encourages people to check themselves and embrace their bodies, especially their backside. The track to the challenge is a mashup of Nelly‘s “Hot In Here” and (of course) Erica Banks‘ “Buss It”.


chopped my hair off again. what’s new

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks


Olivia, who was dressed in oversized, pink silk pajamas, styled her hair in a tight bun to begin the challenge. Her bangs were grown out and parted down the middle. Fans of the beauty influencer will know that she’s been sporting mid-long-length light brunette locks with blonde highlights (pictured below).


At the end of the challenge, Olivia appeared on-camera in a black and white Fendi jumpsuit with a belted waist. Her hair was freshly cut just below her shoulders and her curtain bangs were back and voluminous as ever! She confidently showed off her full look before she raised a middle finger to the camera.

In her caption, Olivia wrote, “chopped my hair off again. what’s new” — a clear indication that she’s cut her hair short in the past. The beauty YouTuber has changed her hair on a number of occasions, including the time she sported temporary pink locks on Instagram while watching The Bachelorette in October of 2020. Olivia’s also donned dark brunette locks and waist-length wavy blonde hair.


After her big hair reveal, Olivia shared a few selfies to Instagram that gave her one million followers a better glimpse at her new haircut. She sported the same pink pajamas she filmed the challenge in and cozied up to her dog in a few snaps.

Olivia debuted her hair makeover after she made a triumphant return to YouTube on January 21, following the infamous college admissions scandal — in which her mother Lori Loughlin and father Mossimo Giannulli were both sentenced to jail time for their part in “Operation Varsity Blues.” The Full House actress, 56, and fashion designer, 57, were sentenced in August of 2020, to two and five months behind bars, respectively. Lori was released from prison on December 28 after serving her sentence. Mossimo is still serving his sentence.

The couple were convicted for paying Rick Singer up to $500,000 to get their daughters into USC as part of the school’s crew team. However, neither Olivia or Isabella had ever rowed, let alone competitively. Additionally, Lori and Mossimo were accused of submitting a fake resume for Olivia to USC. It was on May 22, 2020 that Lori and Mossimo pled guilty to conspiracy charges in the nation’s largest college admission scandal.

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