Polygel Nails Are the Long-Lasting Manicure Option That Might Even Make You Give Up Gel

Polygel Nails Are the Long-Lasting Manicure Option That Might Even Make You Give Up Gel

When it comes to nail art these days, you can find a ton of options out there that are longer lasting and durable enough to keep your manicure from chipping just days after leaving the salon. An acrylic overlay, for example, can hold on to polish for about two to three weeks longer than natural nails, and also protect the nail from easily breaking. Gel polish also holds on lot longer than regular nail polish, though these kinds of manicures typically have their own hangups as well, including but not limited to the fact that peeling off the polish is never good for your nail, even with how tempting it may be.

If you’re looking for a nail art option that’s potentially less damaging than a gel manicure and that requires less exposure to chemicals than acrylics, polygel nails might be your next best option.

“Polygel is considered to be a hybrid formula that combines the durability of acrylic with the elasticity application of a builder gel,” LeChat Nails educator Syreeta Aaron told POPSUGAR. Polygel is sold in the form of a thick paste and is similar to acrylic in the way that it’s applied to the nail, though the major difference is that it hardens upon being placed under a UV lamp.

“It’s basically a mixture of acrylic powder and a clear gel,” Aaron said. “With polygel you’re able to maneuver for a longer period of time. It allows you to manipulate it for as long as you like, versus acrylic, which dries and hardens soon after applying.”

When it comes to how much polygel differs from gel and acrylic, the main things you need to know is that gel polish has a thinner application and can be slightly more damaging to the nail, causing potential breakage according to Aaron, while acrylic requires the use of a monomer.

“With polygel there is no monomer to be used, only the application of a gel,” Aaron said. “Polygel gives the durability of acrylic, yet is scent free of monomer, deeming it to be possibly healthier since we’re not inhaling monomer chemicals.”

You can expect a polygel manicure to last you anywhere from two to three weeks, though the longevity of your manicure might typically depend on your lifestyle and how much you use your hands. Before you book your next appointment, check out a few examples of polygel nails ahead.

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