Pretty Damn Good: the nourishing cleansing balm this celebrity facialist uses everyday

Written by Hanna Ibraheem

Welcome to Stylist’s Pretty Damn Good, a weekly series in which different women share the one product – across hair care, skincare, make-up, body and fragrance – that remains a forever staple in their beauty routines.

Ask any beauty editor about the best facial they’ve ever had and you’re bound to hear Michaella Bolder’s name crop up.

Working as a facialist for over 10 years backstage at fashion shows and awards ceremonies, Bolder is the go-to for numerous celebrities, including Dame Helen Mirren, Naomie Harris and Olivia Munn – and for good reason.

She has cemented her status in the beauty industry for giving specialised treatments that not only leaves skin glowier, but pummels away all signs of tension, too. And we’d be lying if we said a member of the Stylist beauty team (read: me) hadn’t fallen asleep on her treatment table more than once.

During her signature treatment, The Facial By MB, Bolder uses massage techniques to target pressure points that give your facial muscles a workout and simultaneously sculpt your facial contours. Not only does the deep tissue massage feel incredible and ease away any tension, it also leaves skin plumper and stimulates blood circulation. But perhaps one of the most incredible parts is Bolder’s buccal technique, in which she treats pressure points inside the mouth to encourage lymphatic drainage.

As one of the most in-demand names for facials, Bolder has tried countless products to make the most of her treatments. But what’s the one product she reaches for when it comes to her own routine? Here, she tells us.

“I love Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, £44. I feel like I have always had this product in both my professional and personal facial kit.

“Elemis was a brand I used when I was at college training in beauty therapy. I was drawn in by the window on the side of the pot that shows a delicious balmy consistency, instantly followed by its rose spa-like scent.

“It has a completely luxurious rich balm texture that can be used to clean skin and as a rich indulgent mask. Also, you can really massage the face deeply with it for as long as you want for a glowier complexion. It’s an all-round cleanser for all skin types and ages.

Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm has a thick, rich consistency.

“Personally, I need to use a cleanser that really works to cleanse the skin without leaving it feeling stripped and dry. It is the key element to kickstart your skincare routine every morning and every evening – plus, good skin condition starts with a healthy cleanse. This Elemis cleansing balm delivers nourishment deep into the skin’s surface while its oil balm texture acts like a magnet to draw out dirt and grime. I like to give my face a good massage every day and this product does it all.

“I use a 20p-sized amount between my hands to warm up the oils and massage into my face and neck for two to three minutes, then I add a few droplets of water to transform the cleanser into a milky consistency. I then begin the removal process using a warm flannel. I use it every so often as a nourishing mask by applying a thin layer after my serums before bed and rinsing it off in the morning.”

Keen to try Michaella’s nighttime cleansing massage? Here, she shares her tips:

  • Once you have removed your make-up, go back in for a second cleanse and really make this one count. Use a firm pressure starting on your lower face.
  • Glide the heel of your hand along your jaw to the ears six times.
  • Cup the heel of your hand underneath your cheeks and slide outwards eight times towards the ears.
  • Again, with the heel of your hands over your brows, press inwards and slide upwards towards the hair line repeating this move all the way across the forehead in both vertical and horizontal lines for 30 seconds. Then, remove the cleanser with warm water.
  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm

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