Scrunchie and Hydro Flask Ready? Shop My Top Picks From Emma Chamberlain's Bad Habit

Scrunchie and Hydro Flask Ready? Shop My Top Picks From Emma Chamberlain’s Bad Habit

From pimple popping to overusing active ingredients, there are bad habits I can’t seem to quit. We all have a few bad habits, especially in our beauty routines, but Bad Habit skin care aims to help us break them. Emma Chamberlain and I might be very different, but we have one big thing in common: dealing with acne. When I found out that our resident VSCO girl is the global brand ambassador and creative director of the Bad Habit skin-care line, I knew I had to test out the whole collection! I was impressed by how cohesive the line is and how everything works together yet has something for everyone. Whether you have a dry or oily face, you have acne-prone skin, or you’re just a beginner who wants to get into the world of skin care, Bad Habit will add some good into your routine. These products do have fragrance and essential oils, so if you are sensitive to either, they might not be the right fit for you.

The line is divided into two sections: Daily Essentials and Quick Fix Treatments. The Daily Essentials are the base products you’ll need and use every day. The Quick Fix Treatments are problem solvers that will help fix any skin concern overnight. You can check out the whole line, which is under $30 at Ulta! Out of all 10 products, here are eight I recommend.

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