This May Be The Best Face Primer You'll Ever Try

Smashbox invented face primers. Okay, not really., but when the Californian brand launched its first primer in 1996, it came fueled by the need for innovation, poised to shift the industry for years to come. Fast forward to the heyday of YouTube beauty tutorials, and no “full face get ready with me” was complete without a recommendation of some variation of primer from its Photo Finish line. And still, ask any beauty guru today — Smashbox face primers are an indisputable holy grail. Now, somehow, with its new Photo Finish Screensilk Primers, it just got even better.

We’re not saying you need a hardcore daily skincare routine of 12 different products, but the beauty space has palpably shifted to an attitude of skincare enthusiasm first and makeup immediately after. With Smashbox’s lineup of new primers, though, you don’t have to choose. The new formula centers a Silkscreen Complex which allows the product to create a breathable yet powerful layer between the skin and your foundation of choice, aiding the skin in combating damage from the likes of pollution, blue light and other aggressors. We’ll just say it — You might as well beat your face with products that will actually do your skin some good. 

Launching January 6 with four new options (a fifth will arrive in April), each in both full and travel sizes, Smashbox’s Photo Finish Screensilk Primers target everything from unwanted redness to mattifying oily skin. Be among the first to shop them, ahead. 

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