Tracee Ellis Ross, 48, And Her Toned Abs Are Working A Bikini In New Instagram Photos

  • Tracee Ellis Ross, 48, flaunted her toned abs in a new series of bikini photos and a video on Instagram.
  • The Blackish star is a huge fan of the Tracy Anderson Method to stay fit and healthy.
  • She’s been doing regular at-home workouts with leg weights and just returned to the gym for studio classes.

When you find a bathing suit you love, it’s everything. And, if you happen to snap a few pics in the process, so be it.

Well, Tracee Ellis Ross just dropped a series of photos—and video!—of herself working a gorgeous bikini, and it’s easy to see why. Tracee didn’t say much about her bathing suit and, really, no words needed. Instead, she just wrote, “🧂-y” in the Instagram caption.

The photos show Tracee sipping a glass of wine while hanging in the pool, followed by shots of her dancing and lounging poolside, with her toned abs and legs on display. And, ugh, it looks like she’s have the best time.

Cut on over to the video, which Tracee, 48, hilariously dubbed “pool content” and you can see Tracee working her bikini while mugging for the camera. “Hello, Instagram,” she says to kick things off, before launching into a faux-evil laugh. “I don’t know. I’m having a good curl moment. I don’t know that I want to go under,” she relatable says in another clip. “I think I’m just gonna do this,” she says, while sipping her drink. “I’m not dipping this hair—I’m not. I’ll dip tomorrow. F*ck that sh*t.” Been there!

Tracee’s famous friends were here for it in the comments. “It’s the evil laugh for me 😂,” said Reese Witherspoon.The day my hair can look as amazing as that when pulled down directly from a bun will be a miraculous one…. I wouldn’t dip it either!” said Nathalie Emmanuel.

Tracee is clearly feeling herself in that bikini, and fair. She looks amazing. Tracee didn’t get that strong body by accident, though. She’s a massive fan of the Tracy Anderson Method, even following the exercise routine at home during the pandemic. In March, she dropped a video of herself doing intense-looking weighted leg lifts while using a chair for support.

Tracee also tapped her trainer Quinn Fischman for socially distanced workouts during the pandemic, which she shared in one Instagram post. She’s griping during the whole thing, and it’s so relatable.

Despite her devotion to at-home workouts, Tracee shared on Instagram last week that she’s finally back at the gym again after months of logging. And, it seems, she’s loving it.

Tracee previously told InStyle that she works hard to make exercise a priority. She tries to exercise three to four times a week, and she gets up early to make sure she can get her workouts in.

It shows!

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