Two Drops of This Face Serum Makes a ‘Drastic’ Difference in Lines and Pores, According to Shoppers

The longer we're in quarantine, the more lows I discover. Last month, it was the week and a half when I could only use my phone with my pointer finger, since I'd scrolled too much and my thumbs felt carpal tunnel-y. This month, it's a tie between coating a spoon in hummus and dipping it in tortilla chips, and a five-day streak of online shopping packages arriving. That said, my problematic fave has brought me some excellent discoveries — chiefly, a serum that shoppers say gets rid of fine lines with just two drops. 

According to nearly 600 five-star reviews on the brand's website, Bliss's Renew and Smooth Night Glycolic Acid Serum is an economical godsend that tightens wrinkles with mere dots of product. Shoppers write that the vegan serum is powerfully effective, smoothing out 30-year-old wrinkles and deep forehead lines within three days.

Where other products give results with just one acid — for example, The Ordinary is famous for its single-ingredient serums — Bliss's instead relies on a combination of six alpha hydroxy acids, which are anti-aging actives that slough off excess dead skin cells and leave your moisture barrier intact while softening signs of age. 

Renew & Smooth Night Glycolic Acid Serum

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There's the obvious glycolic acid, then polyhydroxy acid, and four fruit acids from sugar cane, lemon, orange, and apple (this week I accidentally gave myself a hand version of Babyfoot by not washing my hands after slicing butternut squash, so I can attest: Fruit acids are the real deal). 

Those six mix with squalane, glycerin, and vitamin E to balance the exfoliation with hydration, and the cavalcade means that it takes a tiny amount to see your skin change. One person formerly dealing with lines, acne, and an uneven skin tone writes, "Holy cow, this stuff did the trick," adding that it even kept them looking vibrant the morning after a heavily-liquored birthday party (again…quarantine). 

"The lines around my eyes and mouth have DRASTICALLY begun to fade and not be so noticeable. My dark spots have lightened and my skin just feels absolutely radiant," one shopper says, summing up hundreds of reviews centered on how the serum minimizes wrinkles, pores, dark spots, and puffy skin.

Just a few days is enough to see skin start to look firm and bright, and even those who sometimes experience severe dryness don't experience any peeling. On Amazon, one shopper who says they have ultra sensitive skin writes that the serum doesn't irritate it at all, and while they usually go for the most expensive brand name products, Bliss's under-$30 serum is just as good. On the same theme, another person compares it to Drunk Elephant's glycolic night serum at a fifth of the cost. 

Plump, bouncy skin is the universal outcome, and one that has shoppers vowing they'll stick with the serum for the long haul. Bliss's serums tend to garner holy grail status — the brand sells a bottle of its Bright Idea Vitamin C + Tri-Peptide Collagen Protecting & Brightening Serum every 15 seconds. And if the glycolic serum's reviews are anything to go by, it's about to see some competition.

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