Urgent: They Make Beauty Masks For Your Boobs, So I Tried One — and Loved It

I do a lot for my boobs. Whether it’s holding them tightly while running down the stairs braless, moisturizing them twice a day, or buying them expensive bras, they have a pretty good life. Still, even though I give them a lot of love, they can be so unappreciative. When it’s “that time of the month,” they love to throw me for a loop by growing a full cup size. No problem, ladies! I’ll just wear double sports bras all week! Or they’ll get so swollen that I can’t even lie on my stomach without yelping in pain. Seriously, don’t worry about it, girls! I’ll just lie on my back until you’re feeling better!

Regardless of the strife they occasionally bring me, I still love them unconditionally, and I want the best for them. Which is why I spent almost an entire day trying the latest in breast care from Booby Tape Skin. I tried the brand’s Miracle Pink Breast Scrub, 24k Gold Breast Masks, and Firming Breast Lotion, but my favorite product by far? The Pink Clay Breast Mask ($39). A breast mask? I can already see the look of confusion clouding your face. You’re thinking, “Who needs a mask for their breasts?” Well, I do. And honestly, you might, too.

Booby Tape Skin’s Pink Clay Breast Mask is all natural, vegan, cruelty free, and designed for all skin types. It’s made to detoxify your breasts and décolletage, remove impurities (like the gunk that causes acne), and help fight against future blemishes and skin damage. It’s made with kaolin Australian clay to help balance out skin and assist in hydration and skin firmness, shea butter to soothe, and bentonite clay to prevent and treat skin blemishes.

Using a mask for your breasts might seem like a skin-care step that’s totally extra — and let’s be real, it is — but your boobies deserve some love, too. The first time I tried it, I used the included applicator brush and applied a thin, even layer on my lower chest area and over each boob, including my nipples. TBH, applying the mask to my nipples was the most uncomfortable part, because it was on the colder side and they were like, “Renee, this does not feel like lotion. Why are you covering us with very cold goo?” I also made sure to get underneath my boobs because, hello, boob sweat, anyone?

The formula was very thick and spread across my skin easily. The coverage felt similar to using a clay mask on the face, but I felt that this product was much more spreadable and a little went a long way (which is a good thing, since the tub is on the smaller side). It smelled fruity and enjoyable; if you told me the products were edible, I would absolutely believe you based on the scent alone.

Although it was a little awkward standing shirtless while I waited the 10 allotted minutes for the mask to do its thing, nothing was more awkward than my boyfriend walking into our bathroom to see me naked, my boobs colored totally pink, setting up a tripod. He looked at me and said, “Um, what is going on?” I smiled and replied, “Great, you’re here. You can help me take photos for this post I’m doing — here’s my phone!” Since my boyfriend is accustomed to my weird beauty rituals and has even participated in a few (like the time he gave me a Brazilian wax), he took everything in stride. When our photo shoot was over and the mask was pretty much set, I hopped in the shower and rinsed it off with warm water.

While the immediate results left my skin looking pretty much the same, the biggest benefit was in the feel and texture of my skin, which was so soft, I almost couldn’t believe it. I tend to get a little chafing and dryness from wearing bras all day, and this mask left absolutely no dry spots in sight.

At $39, the product is a little on the pricier side, but it’s a great way to take your self-care game to the next level and give some extra attention to a place other than your face. My final verdict: I would turn to this mask when expecting results similar to what you’d get from a clay mask, like clearing up acne or softening the skin. While I didn’t notice any changes in the fine lines around my breast area, I’ll definitely be using it on a regular basis, because I love my boobs, and I just want them to love me back.


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