What Jared Padalecki Eats and Lifts to Stay Walker<\/em> Strong

Supernatural star, Texas native, and recent Walker, Texas Ranger, Jared Padalecki, will probably live forever—no demon blood necessary. The actor keeps everything consistent. That means Modelo in the pool is kept to an absolute minimum, and HIIT cardio rules the AM.

Men’s Health caught up with Padalecki at his home in Austin, Texas, where he took us through his daily workout and diet. Padalecki says he’s doesn’t do carbs like bread, rice, or pasta. Though, he will eat pizza, just not with an olive. (Padalecki hates olives.) What Padalecki does do is berries.

“I just enjoy healthy foods these days,” he said. “I don’t desire chocolate cake. I’ll have some, sure. I just don’t wish for it.” Padalecki’s fridge reflects these enjoyments. Its color palette—green, white, yellow and red—signals fruit, veggies, eggs, and oat milk. Even Padalecki’s cheat days are semi-responsible: eggs, bacon, Austin breakfast taco, brisket, “Tex Mex.”

Still, Padalecki says his diet is mainly sandwiches. (Shoutout to Snarf’s Sandwiches in Austin.) And if he’s feeling hungry late after work and needs additional non-sandwich protein, he’ll “microwave a chicken breast, put on some Cholula, eat it, and go to bed.”

Padalecki’s workouts are equally consistent. His home gym—an actual gym which just happens to be at home—is less for getting jacked than preventing injury. “I had shoulder surgery about six years ago, and so my mechanics aren’t the same as they used to be,” Padalecki explained. “Grabbing a classic barbell and doing bench press and rows just works differently.” Padalecki now prefers dumbbells during weighted workouts.

“For recover, I use my infrared sauna,” Padalecki said with a grin. That has to be where he’s hiding the carbs.

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