Woman claims we have been using micellar water wrong – but experts say different

Micellar water is a beauty favourite.

Easy to use and relatively inexpensive, it’s a godsend for many when it comes to removing makeup.

However, one woman on TikTok has claimed that we have been using micellar water in the wrong way.

User @thatweirdcouplee shared the hack in a clip captioned: ‘I’ve been doing this wrong my whole life.’

In the video, she pours some micellar water onto a cotton pad.

From there, she moves the pad to her mouth and blows through it to create a foam.

She then dabs the foam onto her face and begins to cleanse as normal.

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Those in the comments seemed as equally mind blown by her discovery.

‘Most useful thing I have learnt,’ wrote one user.

‘How did I now know this, it works with my Vitamin E toner too,’ said another.

However, there were others who questioned the technique, as last year, a popular trend on the app saw people rubbing micellar water onto cloths and blowing through it.

Yet the hack was for entertainment purposes and not for any solid beauty reasons.

To answer our doubts, we asked Kelly Chaplin, Director of Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics for her expert opinion.

According to Kelly, this micellar water trick is of no use to skin.

‘Micellar water is intended to be used as a liquid,’ she tells metro.co.uk.

‘Changing its structure from liquid to foam could potentially make it less effective at removing makeup. From a hygiene perspective, we have bacteria and microbes that live in our mouth and I wouldn’t want to be wiping my breath over my face.’

In actuality, Kelly advises to avoid micellar water if possible.

‘From a skincare perspective, micellar water usually contains fragrance and alcohol, which aren’t good for the skin in any form,’ she explains. ‘Instead, I’d recommend double cleansing with your cleanser to remove makeup, trapped dirt and oils instead.’

Meanwhile, she urges everyone to be wary of tips and tricks you discover on social media.

‘Skincare trends on Tik Tok? The majority are best avoided. Always remember that.’

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