You can now 'book a bath' at Lush and have a 30-minute soak for £40

Is there anything more indulgent than a long, luxurious bath?

Chuck in some salts, a bath bomb, light a candle, and you’ve got yourself some serious self-care.

But not everyone has the time, or the space for regular baths at home. For those of us who want to indulge in a soak on the go, Lush has the answer for you.

Lush customers will can now book the ultimate Lush bathing experience in their stores.

For the first time, Lush will be offering ‘Book A Bath’ – £40 for 30-minute bathing experience and a 15-minute consultation – in three Lush Spa locations.

So, it’s not exactly cheap, but this isn’t your average bath.

Book a Bath is an ‘indulgent, self led bathing treatment’ created with all the senses in mind. During the Book a Bath experience you will get to use products tailored to your skin and there will also be a soundtrack to immerse you in the moment. Each experience includes a bath bomb, a fresh face mask and cooling eye pads.

Sounds a bit nicer than scrolling TikTok while your boyfriend bursts in to have a pee.

If you want to give it a try you’ll have to move quickly, because the treatment is only available for a limited time in Lush’s Spa locations in Bath, Oxford Street and Liverpool.

Lush Oxford Street and Lush Bath’s Book a Bath will feature an immersive bathing experience inspired by The Lakes bath bomb for those looking to reconnect with nature and submerge in lush, floral landscapes.

Lush Liverpool’s Book a Bath takes inspiration from Diamond Dust bath bomb for those looking to exude main character energy and soak in swirls of sparkle with fresh fragrance.

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