10 best Euro 2020 kits ranked, from England's blue Nike away shirt to Germany's clean Adidas black top

FOOTBALL fans across Europe will repping their countries by wearing their teams' jerseys this summer.

As is customary with brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma, some national sides will be sporting new unseen tops for the tournament.

SunSport has seen them all – and donning our best fashion cap ranks them from 10-1.

But which one is your favourite?

10. England, away

When Nike released the Three Lions' two jerseys for the Euros back in September, opinion was divided online.

But the blue away top definitely works better with the logo traditionally to the side and not in the middle like the home one.

While the two-button collar looks like a smart polo top.

9. Germany, away

Pipping us to the post are the Germans… how that never changes.

Their away Adidas top is a menacing black number – painting them as a sort of Darth Vader-like figure of international football – with a lovely red and gold trim on the sleeves.

Of course, it has those familiar Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

8. Holland, home

There's something about this brilliant orange Dutch jersey that stirs memories of Marco Van Basten and Ruud Gullit ripping sides to shreds at Euro '88.

And there's also a sniff of the same pattern used in Manchester City's home top, although that one was designed by Puma.

Does that mean Holland might be crowned champions at the end of the tournament?

7. Turkey, home

The Turks have got it right with both kits this summer, but their home one just shades it for us.

It does away with tradition to allow the flag wrapped across the centre of the top.

The Nike emblem sits above that, in what is a simple design but definitely effective.

6. Scotland, away

Playing in their first Euros since 1996, the Scots needed a decent kit to remember their tournament fondly – which will only be more iconic should Steve Clarke's men have a good run this time round.

And it's a little bit of a throwback to early-90s kits in its design, with a hint of Argentina about it with its colours and pattern.

Scotland's badge really pops out at you as well on that shade, so Adidas have done them proud.

5. Portugal, home

Nike's Portugal jersey is all red – and looks like something Tiger Woods would wear on the final day of the Masters.

But it's a clean design with a beautiful red, black and green trim down the sides and on the sleeves, as well as a brilliant collar.

To be fair, Cristiano Ronaldo will be modelling it, so the kit will only look better on his chiselled torso, especially in HD.

4. Russia, away

We can't imagine Putin wearing it, but there's something incredibly retro about what Russia will be wearing in these Euros.

We love the blue and red stripe through the middle of it, as well the trim on the sleeves.

However, with Russia's odds to win Euro 2020 as high as 75-1 with Paddy Power – chances are we might not get to see it much.

3. Wales, home

It definitely looks like Adidas were inspired by Admiral's Wales kits of the late 1970s for this one.

The yellow, green, red, and white trim on the sleeves is the giveaway, and is different to anything else we've seen.

Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale will certainly enjoy wearing it.

2. France, away

Narrowly beaten as shirt of the tournament, perhaps they'll make up for it by winning the whole thing, is the French.

Their away jersey features mod-like colours, is white with a blue and red stripe down the sides.

With a cockerel on the top left and the Nike logo on the right, it's certainly a classic cut.

1. Italy, home

With Milan being the fashion capital of the world, of course the Italians would have the best shirt for the Euros.

And perhaps this makes up for the formal clobber Giorgio Armani has designed for the Italy national side – which looks something like a chef's attire.

The pattern etched into the jersey is a dedication to the country's historic art and architecture culture.

It “reinterprets the luxurious Renaissance patterns of the past into a modern geometric graphic”, as the blurb supporting its design claims.

They've won us over.

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