America’s Cup 2021: Why racing will still not be on the favourable Course C

Wind forecasts are looking much nicer heading into today’s racing, with a steady south-east gradient breeze.

However, fans will have to wait for the best “stadium” viewing of the America’s Cup action, with Course C still out of action because of the north-easterly winds.

Regatta Director Iain Murray has picked Course E, the southernmost course available, as there are signs of a stronger breeze down there.

“We’re expecting 11-13 knots and a bit more of a breeze at 5 o’clock,” Murray said.

Race organisers predicted yesterday that they would end up on Course E for today’s racing, purely for some variation but want spectators to know Course C is the priority.

“It’s where the city would like to see the utilisation of the north head viewing platform would be great. But for me, my first and foremost job is to run the best and fairest and most appropriate races for the America’s Cup.”

Murray is adamant Course E is the best option for today but want the boats to use the whole width of the course instead of consistently shifting.

“As long as we cut a fair line down the middle and it doesn’t just become a one-way track. We did see that on course C a couple of time; consistent shifts… So what we’re trying to see is the boats use the full race course.”

The biggest concern with course winds at the moment is making sure the degree shifts aren’t so sizeable.

“The breeze actually I don’t think it’s too much different. The biggest shift we saw was in course A in that last race where we had a 20 degree shift between the top and the bottom which is why New Zealand doubled their lead.

“What has become apparent over the last few days is that the wind effect from the leading boat is substantial and can damage the second boat a lot. We see that, you get Formula One drivers complaining about that all the time. You see aircrafts coming to land in airports, you have to space it out, it’s the same thing.”

The America’s Cup is tied up at 3-3, with racing being abandoned yesterday due to lack of wind.

A minimum of 6.5 knots of breeze is needed for racing to go ahead at the America’s Cup.

The first race of the day is scheduled to start at 4.15pm.

Heading into the Cup racing?

• Give yourself plenty of time and think about catching a ferry, train or bus to watch the Cup.

• Make sure your AT HOP card is in your pocket. It’s the best way to ride.

• Don’t forget to scan QR codes with the NZ COVID Tracer app when on public transport and entering the America’s Cup Village.

• For more ways to enjoy race day, visit

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