Conor McGregor downplays skit with Miami Heat mascot

Conor McGregor downplays ‘skit’ with Miami Heat mascot, saying ‘he’s good’ and the pair ‘hugged it out’ after he was sent to hospital following a left hook from the UFC legend

  • Conor McGregor rocked the MIA Heat mascot on Friday at Game 4 of the Finals
  • Since, he has received negative reaction on social media following the promo 

Conor McGregor has revealed the Miami Heat mascot — who was sent to the E.R. after a left hook by the Irishman at a recent NBA Finals game — is ‘good’, adding that the incident ‘was part of the show.’

McGregor rocked a man wearing the Heat mascot, affectionately known as Burnie, during a break in Miami’s Game 4 loss at home to Denver as part of a promotional skit. 

As is the case with most things McGregor, it went viral – leading to criticism on social media, particularly after The Athletic revealed the man had been taken to hosptial.

Now, McGregor has publicly spoken for the first time since Friday’s incident, in a video exclusively obtained by Mail Sport.

‘The mascot’s good, my man,’ he told Adam Glyn. ‘The Mascot is good. It was a skit, and it went the way it went, but all is well.

Conor McGregor was in a relaxed mood when discussing the incident with Miami’s mascot

Former UFC two-weight champion Conor McGregor rocked the Heat’s mascot on Friday night

The MMA fighter took part in a staged incident with the mascot and reiterated that to Glyn

‘I spent a lot of time with him afterwards. We hugged it out and everything was great. It was a skit. It was part of the show.’

Before McGregor could be asked about the Floyd Mayweather-John Gotti III fallout, a member of McGregor’s camp said ‘We gotta go.’ 

According to multiple reports, the man inside Burnie has been released from hospital. 

He won’t be needed for Heat games this season after the franchise lost the NBA Finals to Denver Monday night. 

McGregor delivered a stinging hook before adding one more punch for good measure as Burnie lay on his back. 

The mascot was then pulled away but not before McGregor sprayed some of his TIDL Sport product on him. 

‘Get Burnie out, put that TIDL on him,’ the Heat’s in-stadium presenter said as the Irishman carried out his punch. 

McGregor was one of several celebrities present at Kaseya Center, sporting a shiny red tracksuit. 

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