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CONOR McGREGOR is one of the most outspoken stars in all of sport – and his incredible collection of tattoos are just as loud.

The Irishman – making his return at UFC 257 –  has risen to sporting superstardom over the years, and during that same period he has undergone a dramatic change in look.

When McGregor, 32, debuted in UFC – beating Marcus Brimage by TKO in April 2013 – he was not exactly fresh-faced but looked radically different to the man currently getting back to the top of the fight game.

His trademark beard was there but the three massive tattoos he now has across his abdomen were not.

Not only has McGregor added those pieces, he's also had a large tattoo designed on his left forearm.

But McGregor's first tattoo goes all the way back to when he was on holiday as a youngster…

Here, SunSport looks at the ink McGregor has – and the meaning (or lack of) behind some of them.


McGregor has Arabic writing on the back of his left heel, but doesn't know what it actually says.
"This was my first, when I was drunk… I got it in Ayia Napa for €20. It could mean anything."


Although McGregor has a winged crucifix, his religion is unknown.

Many assumed he was Catholic as he's Irish, but he got in hot water with some Irish fans after wearing a poppy.

He later said "f*** politics and f*** religion".


Running down McGregor's back – from the base of the crucifix to the small of his back – McGregor has a helix of thorns.

It's not known when or why he got that one.


McGregor has a silverback gorilla wearing a crown and holding a heart in its mouth.

The tattoo is a twist on the symbol of coach John Kavangah's Straight Blast Gym.

McGregor said: "I just like the way it looks."

Forearm (1)

The front of his left forearm is covered in a rose bush with a clock showing 3.35pm (it's not known if this time is significant), and a large dagger through a separate rose on the inside.

There is a small stick figure in a boxing pose – perhaps in the pose of the Notre Dame leprechaun – by his elbow.

The back of the tattoo also has a gentleman wearing a top hat.

Forearm (2)

Just above the roses the motto "slow is smooth, smooth is fast" is inscribed.

The saying is common in elite military units' firearms training, specifically the Navy SEALs.

Abdomen (1)

McGregor says he added the tiger on a whim while on holiday in Venice.

"I said 'f*** it, I'm gonna get a tiger…' I think it's a courageous animal," he revealed.

The Irishman, however, has previously revealed that he is fascinated with the way animals move and incorporates that into his training, studying the way they hunt their prey.

Abdomen (2)

McGregor's most recent tattoo is stencilled writing above and below the tiger.

It says his name, McGregor, and his nickname, Notorious.

No explanation needed, really.

McGregor hasn't fought since his win over Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone at UFC 246 in January.

The Irish superstar is now set to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 – a full year after his last bout.

He had been linked with fighting fellow legend Anderson Silva, but UFC boss Dana White told McGregor to focus on the lightweight division.

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