Deontay Wilder's axed coach hits out at American's wild conspiracy theories after Tyson Fury loss

DEONTAY WILDER's former coach Mark Breland has slammed the American's wild conspiracy theories following his loss to Tyson Fury.

The former WBC heavyweight champion axed Breland for throwing in the towel in the seventh round of his showdown with Tyson Fury last February.

Wilder levelled several accusations Breland's way following the fight and suggested the 57-year-old may have spiked his water before the bout.

The Bronze Bomber's claims baffled Breland, who told The Fight is Right podcast: “I mean, so many people know me, my character speaks for itself.

“Spiked the water? If you’re looking at the tapes or whatever, you don’t ever see that water in my hand. Someone else is giving him the water.

“And regardless of that, I’m there to help you. My attitude is, ‘When you win, I win.’

“I’ve seen some foolish people talking to me about that fight.

“Come on now, only foolish people come out with stuff like that because it’s crazy. If you know me, you know me.”


Following the first defeat of his professional career, Wilder accused Fury's team of tampering with The Gypsy King's gloves before the fight.

That suggestion amused Breland, who said: “I doubt it very much, I don’t know, I never seen nothing.

“But still at the same time – he’s not gonna beat Tyson Fury regardless.

“Jay Deas was standing right there when the man was getting his hands wrapped. If they put something in there, either Jay’s blind or..?

“Jay’s right there when he’s getting his hands wrapped and he didn’t say nothing.

“But to be honest, that’s how much he knows about boxing.

"Hell, he probably could’ve put a cast up in there and he wouldn’t have known!”

Former WBA welterweight champion Breland reckons defeat to Fury has ended Wilder's days as a top contender in the heavyweight division.

He said: "His career is done now, I'm done and he's done, I'm done with him.

"He's got a lot of power but that's all, I wish him well and that's it.

"He's only got his power and we'll see how far that takes him. That's all I'm going to say.

"I'd been working with him since he turned pro and nothing had happened until [the defeat].

"Some people can't take a loss, don't blame everybody else, go back and think about yourself."

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