Ebanie Bridges reveals her three weirdest fan requests including TOENAIL clippings and hits back at trolls | The Sun

BOXER Ebanie Bridges revealed her three wildest and weirdest fan requests and hit back at "jealous" trolls.

Bridges is the world bantamweight champion, having held the title since March, and has built up an army of adoring fans.

However, some of these messages are rather bizarre to say the least, with Bridges revealing some of the requests she has been previously sent.

Speaking on an episode of Pub Talk, she said: "I get love letters, all kinds of stuff.

"I get asked for bath water, toe-nail clippings, sweat."

Bridges then explained how she deals with "jealous" trolls.

She added: "I ignore it (troll messages). Anyone who is successful, they’re going to get the jealousy, the hate, people will try to drag you down.

"That’s just normal. The people talking s***, they don’t know me, so why should I sit there and get emotional and bothered by someone who has never met me?

"I’m very secure within myself. I’ve been through hell and back in my life and I’m very secure, I love who I am.”

Bridges turned into a boxing pro in 2019 and won each of her first five fights, and is currently on a three-bout win streak.

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In 2020, the "Blonder Bomber" admitted to having indulged certain fan requests in the pursuit of getting some extra income such as selling dirty training socks.

In a previous interview with talkSPORT, she said: "Give me your money, that’s my response! You want my stuff, then you’ve got to give me your money. There’s plenty of weird people out there.

"I haven’t sold my bath water, but I’ve been getting so many weird requests I was thinking, should I go buy some jars? I’ve done the socks and my feet because it’s a laugh and harmless.

"I thought it was funny and they ended up paying, so now any requests that come through, I’m just like here is my PayPal.

“You’d think normal people would want lingerie or something like that, but it’s all feet and socks. I do get the random requests for the bath water and other weird things which I won’t go into now.

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"It’s all side money at the end of the day, if they want to pay then it’s up to them. I don’t care really, as long as I’m putting food on my table and the bills are being paid, I’m happy."

Bridges has previously been pictured alongside OnlyFans star Elle Brooke, but has also dismissed fan requests for her to copy a celebration of bare-knuckle boxer Tai Emery.

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