Floyd Mayweather’s former opponent Juan Manuel Marquez reveals he drank his OWN URINE before fight in 2009

FLOYD MAYWEATHER’S former opponent Juan Manuel Marquez has revealed he drank his OWN URINE in a bid to beat the legend.

Money returned from a two-year hiatus from the ring in 2009 to take on the Mexican in Las Vegas.

Their welterweight boxing bout raked in over 1 million pay-per-view buys as Marquez failed to make history by becoming the first man to defeat the icon.

However, no-one can ever accuse the star of taking the pee in his preparations for his shot at glory.

The 47-year-old, who was a four-weight world champion himself, admitted the extreme length he went to before facing Mayweather regarding downing his own wee.

He explained: “This is something I have been doing for the past six or seven fights, and it has given me good results.

“If you drink or inject yourself with vitamins, you release them every time you go to the bathroom. Why not put them back in your body orally?”

Unfortunately for Marquez his unique tactic failed to work as he was knocked down in the second before suffering a bad cut in the fourth.

He bravely battled on to finish but it was Mayweather, who definitely will not be drinking his own urine ahead of his upcoming exhibition clash with YouTuber Logan Paul, who earned a unanimous decision from the judges.

Marquez did bounce back in 2010 to retain his lightweight titles against Juan Diaz and would later ditch his drinking habit ahead of a showdown with fellow icon Manny Pacquiao in 2011.


Marquez said: “On the advice of my doctor and my physical trainer Angel (Hernandez), they told us we should stop. 

“We're looking for what can help me, and if the doctor says no longer drinking it will help, then we'll stop.”

There was some consolation for Marquez after his losing effort to Mayweather as the American remembered a lot more about him than just his breath following their match.

Mayweather said: “He was a great little big man. I threw a hell of a shot that dropped him, and then he got back up and kept fighting. He's a tough guy.

“I've been off for almost two years but it felt really good to be back. I was happy with the victory but I know I can get better.”


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