Incredible moment a poisonous SNAKE causes chaos at footy game

Incredible moment a poisonous SNAKE causes chaos at footy game as match is delayed by 30 minutes before catcher calmly removes creature from the field

  • A footy match was delayed after a snake entered the field 
  • The poisonous snake was removed after 30 minutes 
  • Richmond went on to defeat GWS in Blacktown

An AFLW game in Blacktown was delayed by half an hour after a venomous snake entered the field of play. 

A red-bellied black snake, which only bites under extreme circumstances, was spotted on the field before Richmond’s win over GWS Giants.

‘It’s pretty interesting,’ said the Giants’ head of women’s football Briana Harvey during the delay.

‘There’s a little red-bellied black snake on the ground at the moment, just in one of the far pockets,’ she said.

‘Obviously for the safety of everyone here we need just to halt the game for the moment.’

A footy match was delayed by 30 minutes after a snake was spotted on the field

A snake catcher removed the poisonous creature at Blacktown on Sunday

The snake catcher picked up the snake by its tail, held it aloft for the cameras before putting it safely away in a container. 

Playing in 30-degree heat, Richmond held off a desperate Greater Western Sydney to grab their second win of the AFLW season.

The visitors emerged victorious by 7.11 (53) to 5.4 (34) at Blacktown International Sportspark in Sydney’s west on Saturday.

With play starting 30 minutes later than scheduled, the Tigers began on the back foot, losing gun midfielder Jess Hosking (ankle) just minutes after the first siren.

GWS controlled possession in the first quarter, with more than half of the play occurring in their forward-half.

Richmond conceded nine of the first 11 inside 50s of the game but the Giants were wasteful with their hard-won territory.

Both sides entered the second quarter goalless, with Richmond leading by two behinds.

Annalyse Lister kicked her first AFLW goal across 35 games to open the Giants’ account thanks to a free-kick.

Six minutes later, star Tiger Caitlin Greiser (one goal, 13 disposals) answered to put the hosts back in the deficit.

Captain Katie Brennan (one goal, 18 disposals) showed her class to pile another goal on the Giants, increasing the margin to eight points by half-time.

Richmond went on to secure a comfortable victory over GWS on enemy soil

Greiser looked sure to dribble the Sherrin through the goal square but a flying Grace Hill denied her a second major in the third stanza.

The prolific Alyce Parker (two goals, 21 disposals, six clearances) and rugby sevens Olympic gold medallist Chloe Dalton put ball to boot to keep the Giants within three points.

The orange tsunami threatened to sweep up the Tigers when Parker grabbed her second backed up by a goal from Haneen Zreika (one goal, 13 disposals).

But a tremendous effort from Monique Conti (one goal, 22 disposals, seven clearances) and Emelia Yassir (two goals, 10 disposals, two clearances) reclaimed the lead for the Tigers.

Just three points separated the sides by three-quarter time.

With pressure boiling from the Giants, Brennan and Greiser were inaccurate in front of goal, kicking a behind each.

The Giants began to falter with fatigue setting in, allowing Courtney Jones to kick truly and score the first goal of the last term.

A major to Sarah D’Arcy sealed the win for the Tigers, while Parker hobbled off the field with a knee injury.

The Giants have started a season 0-3 for the first time but coach Cam Bernasconi said the club wasn’t fazed.

‘Yeah, the wins haven’t come yet but the girls really enjoy each other’s company,’ Bernasconi said.

‘And we’re on a journey together. We’re three rounds in (without a win) and that shows how strong we are as a collective – that we still lean on one another and believe in each other.

‘We can see that what we’re doing will stack up against the best.’

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