Look at the classy and flashy outfits of the 2023 NBA Draft class

You’re not in Kansas anymore! Gradey Dick dons Wizard of Oz-inspired suit, while Brandon Miller dresses up in plaid and Victor Wembanyama keeps it classy at the 2023 NBA Draft

  • Gradey Dick took inspiration from Dorothy’s slippers in the classic movie & book
  • Others, like top pick Victor Wembanyama, went with a more classy approach 
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The NBA Draft has become a place for potential future superstars to showcase their style – with some choosing some outlandish ways to do that.

That was certainly the case in the run up to this year’s NBA Draft, where some of the best young basketball players in the world showed their taste for fashion – with some more outlandish and vibrant than others.

Presumptive No.1 overall pick Victor Wembanyama showed up with a green Louis Vuitton suit adorning his 7-foot-4 frame. ‘The color green, it looks kinda outer space, you know… alien-like. Green’s a color I really like,’ the French phenom said.

Brandon Miller, considered by some to be the second best player in this class, gave a nod to his college – Alabama – with a red and charcoal grey plaid suit.

But no one attracted more attention than Kansas guard Gradey Dick – who donned a jacket covered in ruby colored sequins.

Top picks Victor Wembanyama (L) and Brandon Miller (R) showed their style at the NBA Draft

But some more vibrant suits were worn by Gradey Dick (L) and Jalen Hood-Schifino (R)

In a video, Dick gave a nod to The Wizard of Oz, saying, ‘I’m from Kansas. Dorothy has her little slippers and I’ve got my Dorothy suit.’

Dick was not the only one to go with a more bedazzled route in his outfit of choice.

Scoot Henderson, projected to be selected within the top-3 picks walked in with a jacket covered in silver details and multiple colorful gemstones.

Henderson even decided to match the ‘fit with gem-studded chains, a ring covered in diamonds, and a rainbow colored grill in his teeth.

Other wild colors were worn by the likes of Indiana’s Jalen Hood-Schifino – who went with a green velvet number. 

Baylor’s Keyonte George went for a patterned outfit – seeming to look like feathers – with a maroon accent color.

UCF’s Taylor Hendricks made a bold choice with an all-pink suit – but revealed that his jacket was lined with multiple pictures. 

Lottery pick Scoot Henderson went for a bedazzled suit studded with gems and a colorful grill

Keyonte George (L) went for wild patterns while Taylor Hendricks’ suit was lined with pictures

Marquette’s O-Max Prosper (L) and UConn’s Jordan Hawkins (R) chose more refined options

Twin brothers Amen (L) & Ausar (R) Thompson wore similarly styled suits with different colors

There were some who went with more subtle choices in their draft-night attire.

Marquette’s Olivier-Maxence Prosper went with a simple purple suit while UConn’s Jordan Hawkins wore something akin to a navy smoking jacket.

The only brothers to be taken tonight – twins Amen Thompson and Ausar Thompson – both wore suits in the same style, but in different colors. 

Amen went with a cream color while Ausar went with navy blue.

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