Micah Richards winds up BOTH Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp over their previous row in hilarious behind-the-scenes clip

MICAH RICHARDS revelled in his role as supposed peacekeeper in the Sky studio between Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp.

The former midfielders were involved in a barnstorming row in February over Tottenham's squad so with Spurs playing Man United, tensions were sure to be ratcheted up an extra gear.

And in stepped the gregarious Richards, who has become known for being able to make even the most stone-faced of colleagues like Keane and Graeme Souness crack a smile since becoming a pundit.

He wound up both Keane and Redknapp before going on-air in a hilarious behind-the-scenes clip.

Initially, he played the role of boxing promoter as he announced the two 'combatants' set to rematch.

He then joked: "They've brought me in today, I'm not affiliated with any team. They've brought me down to calm everything down."

Unfortunately, or fortunately from the viewer's perspective, Redknapp and Keane have already kicked off again despite the match itself not getting underway until 4:30 pm.

The Cork native, who was a Spurs fan growing up, has long seen them as being a soft touch.

He dismissed them as being mentally fragile for the last 40 years which led to Redknapp pointing out specific seasons where they achieved a lot, such as making the Champions League final in 2018/19.

Not to be moved from his stance, Keane dismissed those achievements as being of no great significance as they didn't come away with a trophy.


He said: "They were lucky to get to that final, that's like being top of the league in November.

"They got to the final but they got beaten in the final. Whole point of getting to a final is winning the bloody thing.

"When Mourinho leaves, there'll still be a softness to this Spurs team. "

When Redknapp then cited them also having made the last eight of the Champions League in 2010/11 as an example of a Spurs outfit with a strong character, Keane remained entrenched in his outlook.

He added: "Jamie if making a quarter-final is success, then you can have your success."

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