Michael Schumacher ‘interview’ cooked up by mag using AI makes ghoulish claims on star’s health as fans slam sick stunt | The Sun

AN AI generated version of Michael Schumacher has been used by a German magazine to create ghoulish claims about his health in a fake interview.

German magazine Die Aktuelle has been slammed for its latest front cover which claimed to feature the F1 legend's "first exclusive interview."

The twisted magazine featured a smiling Schumacher on the cover and claimed to contain a "world exclusive" interview -his first since his horrific ski accident in 2013.

The magazine has been branded "tasteless" after it revealed that the entire interview was the work of an artificial intelligence programme.

Die Aktuelle did not say the interview was AI generated in the article – and it is only made clear in the body text on the double page spread.

The disturbing article, titled "My life has completely changed," starts: "The chance to talk to him once. To ask him how he's really doing."

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Schumacher fan fury as German mag touts disturbing ‘first interview’ with star

Mick Schumacher working with Mercedes engineers who also helped his dad Michael

It promises it is not a story based on "half-sentences from friends" but it's "the incredible interview" with the F1 star with "redeeming answers to the most burning questions that the whole world has been asking for so long."

The rest of the article is written in Q&A form, with the AI making up the answers supposedly Michael would give.

The AI spoke about Michael's physical condition, his family and his future.

Asked about his life following the crash, the AI replied: "My life changed completely after that.

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Schumacher fan fury as German mag touts disturbing ‘first interview’ with star


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"It was a horrible time for my wife, children and the entire family.

"I myself was injured so badly that I was in an artificial coma for months because my body couldn't have endured it all anymore ."

The AI then responded to the question about the present and how the F1 star feels today to which it said "Much better than years ago."

"With the help of my team, I can even stand on my own again and even walk a few steps slowly…

"My family and children have been a blessing to me and without them I would not have been in business.

"Of course they are very sad about how everything went, but unfortunately, that's life and I just have to endure the fact that things sometimes go badly.

"They support me and stand fast at my side".

The AI proceeded to respond to questions about Michael's children and said that of course he follows their careers and is very proud of both.

It said: "My daughter has turned her hobby into a career and my son has followed in my footsteps with a lot of ability.

"They make me and the whole family really proud."

And about a possible appearance in the future: "I have to be very careful because I don't want people to think too much and, above all, anything wrong about me."

Even though they admit not actually speaking to Michael or his family, they note that the answers "sound deceptively real."

The story concludes with the anonymous writer saying if they had managed to speak to Michael himself it would have been a "real miracle."

The article was not well-received as the driver's fans described it "tasteless" and "stupid."

Michael has been in a medically induced coma since 2013 and little has been known about his health ever since.

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The seven-time-world champion remains at his home in Geneva, Switzerland.

His close circle remain tight-lipped about his condition, with his wife Corinna reportedly imposing a "family only" rule on visits.

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