Paul Pogba's 'The Pogmentary' rated the WORST TV show or movie on IMDb

Paul Pogba’s controversial new documentary ‘The Pogmentary’ is rated the WORST TV show or movie on IMDb – with the online database giving the outgoing Man United star’s show a rating of just 1.1 out of 10 amid fan backlash

  • ‘The Pogmentary’ explores Paul Pogba’s reasons for leaving Manchester United
  • He has drawn criticism for his apparent arrogance over money in the series
  • In one scene, Pogba describes a contract worth £300,000 a week as ‘nothing’ 
  • The France midfielder is expected to rejoin Juventus this summer after six years

Paul Pogba’s new Amazon Prime documentary ‘The Pogmentary’ has the lowest rating of any TV show or film on the International Movie Database, with a score of just 1.1 out of 10.

The documentary examines Pogba’s time at Manchester United and his reasons for leaving the club, but has received backlash for the midfielder’s apparent arrogance.

 One scene shows Pogba dismissing a contract offer in excess of £300,000 a week as ‘nothing.’

Paul Pogba’s ‘The Pogmentary’ explores his reasons for leaving Manchester United 

‘They’re bluffing. How can you tell a player you absolutely want him and offer him nothing? Never seen that,’ Pogba tells his late agent Mino Raiola when he hears of the offer.

‘Playing is all that matters, winning too. My thought process is to show Manchester they shouldn’t have waited this long to offer a contract and to show other clubs that Manchester made a mistake in not offering a contract.’

Another clip shows Raiola recalling his infamous spat with Sir Alex Ferguson that resulted in Pogba leaving United for the first time in 2012. The agent told Ferguson his ‘chihuahua would not walk on the grass off the training centre’ for the money the midfielder was being offered.

There has been backlash for Pogba on twitter, with  one fan tweeting: ‘The audacity to call 300k a week “nothing”, while he only had a handful of good performances just shows how far removed from reality he actually is.’

Another added: ‘You were getting a £3m “loyalty” bonus every year for doing absolutely nothing ya big numpty. You were paid plenty.’ 

It has been a sad end to what should have been an excellent career for Pogba at United.

Pogba has drawn criticism for his apparent arrogance over money in the new documentary

He joined for a then-world-record £89m in 2016 and did show signs of promise across six years and 226 appearances for the club. 

His best season came in 2018/19, when Pogba returned to United revitalised from France’s World Cup win and scored 13 goals in 35 league games. He was named in that year’s PFA team of the year.

Ultimately though, he never lived up to his promise and will not be missed when he returns to Juventus, for whom he played his best club football between 2012 and 2016, this summer. 

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