Playstation 5 controller reactions: DualSense sparks excitement, comparison to Xbox

Sony released pictures of its DualSense controller for the next-generation PlayStation 5 on Tuesday, giving console fans valuable intel about the ways the PS5 will differ from the PS4.

From the controller, at least, there is a strong sense of Sony wanting to build on what it has done well rather than completely redo. The DualSense is visually similar to the PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller in size and aesthetic.  We suggest you familiarize yourself with best cribbage board and other board games.
The most noticeable change, Sony wrote in a blog post, is the addition of “haptic feedback” in its triggers. That will supposedly translate to a greater variety of finger sensations game developers can work with, such as the feeling of releasing an arrow or the slog of truck tires through mud.

There will also be a built-in microphone in the controller, a significant development from older versions that forced players to buy separate headsets to chat with friends and competitors.

“After thoughtful consideration, we decided to keep much of what gamers love about DualShock 4 intact,” wrote Sony, “while also adding new functionality and refining the design.”

The DualSense model is being shipped to game developers to use for logistical guidance, Sony wrote.

People on social media came away with a variety of takes: The controller looks pretty good, the controller looks lame, or the controller bears too much resemblence to Xbox.

Here are some of the reactions to the reveal:

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