Tyson and Paris Fury plan to have 11 kids as boxer jokes about fielding entire football team at Morecambe

TYSON FURY has revealed he wants to have SIX more kids with his wife Paris so they can have a 'mixed football team playing on the pitch at Morecambe'.

The Furys – who have been together for 16 years – have had five children since tying the knot in 2008.

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Paris is currently expecting the couple's sixth child, but family man Tyson wants another five kids with the love of his life.

When asked how many more kids he wants, Fury told The Daily Mail: "It starts with a story nobody knows

"Paris became my girlfriend when she was 15 and me 16.

"When time came for marriage, I asked her how many children she wanted. She said 10.

"I said that will do for me. Now we’ve decided to go for one more. Make it 11.

"Let’s have a mixed football team playing on the pitch at Morecambe."

Paris and the kids recently joined Tyson in Miami for a nice family getaway, where they soaked up the sun and enjoyed the city's nice restaurants.

Tyson is now back in the gym and gearing up for a trilogy fight with rival Deontay Wilder, whom he'll face in Las Vegas on July 24.

The Gypsy King knocked out the American in Sin City last February to claim the WBC heavyweight title.

Wilder has made multiple excuses for his first professional loss, which he's refused to accept.

And Tyson believes the Bronze Bomber's numerous conspiracy theories are a sign he's not in a good place mentally.

He said: "Clearly he’s suffered his first mental breakdown since I gave him his first defeat. Not surprising really.

"I injured him heavily. As well as the torn biceps he kept going on about he ended up with a ruptured shoulder, while I also gave him a cracked skull and two burst ear-drums.

"I smashed him to pieces. He felt like he’d been run over by an 18-wheeler. Make that a six-foot-niner.

"Then he lost the plot completely with all those mad allegations.

"I haven’t spoken to him since that night but he’s had a lot of mental issues.

"I would be the best person to help him. I will if he wants. Maybe not before July 24."

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