Tyson Fury fears dad John's 'conspiracy theory' about Deontay Wilder trilogy fight being 'fixed' could be real

TYSON FURY has jokingly claimed his dad's outlandish 'conspiracy theory' about his trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder potentially being fixed could be true.

Dotting dad John expressed concerns for Tyson's undefeated record after an American judge ordered his son to face Wilder for a third time.

He told BT Sport: "The danger point is getting fair play out there.

"Because at the minute, the American boxing fraternity has been embarrassed by the last escapade.

"Why wouldn't you take a $20million step aside without fighting and a guaranteed shot at the winner when you're fighting for a lot less money than $20m and you're risking getting your skull caved in again?

"It don't make sense on his part. So obviously, the powers that be in America are involved, aren't they?

"And they're calling the shots and they've sort of trapped both men, haven't they?

"They've trapped them both, in my opinion."


John's comments didn't come as a huge surprise to Tyson, who has grown used to hearing his dad's theories down the years.

When asked about his dad's comments, The Gypsy King told Michael Bisping: "That’s dads, isn’t it?

"If your dad doesn’t care about you fighting he obviously doesn’t care about you getting knocked out.

"For my dad, he’s not making any money out of this, it’s not his job it is his son, he wants to see me get fair play. My dad is a conspiracy person.

"So whatever happens, there is a conspiracy behind it. My dad thinks this is all a big fix to get me back over here to fight Deontay Wilder.

"I have never proved my dad wrong actually so maybe he is right? I don’t know. So maybe my dad is right.

"He has experience, he is is 50-odd years old and he’s lived a lot more of a life than I have so you can ever say.

"But one thing I can say is all of these people here apart from my brothers, are here doing their job but for my dad it is his life, I’m his blood and his son and he wants what is best for me."

Fury and Wilder, 32 and 35 respectively, will renew their rivalry on July 24 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The WBC king is brimming with confidence following his seventh-round TKO of the American last February and has vowed to turn in an even better display in their third clash.

He said: "I gave my game plan away the first time because he wasn’t good enough to do anything about it.

"And I’ll do the same thing this time because he's not good enough to do anything about it.

"Deontay Wilder is a one-trick pony. He's got one-punch power, we all know that – great.

"Because before, I only had five or six weeks practicing what I'm going to do to him.

"This time, I’ve had 18 months of practicing what I'm going to do to him.

"So I anticipate it's going to be like an 18-wheeler running over somebody, and that's what you're gonna see.

"I’m building my weight up, trying to get up to 300lbs for this fight.

"Because I’m looking for a big knockout straight away."

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