Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 LIVE REACTION: Gypsy King WINS epic, Bronze Bomber REFUSES handshake – latest updates

TYSON FURY has stopped Deontay Wilder with a brutal 11th-round K.O in a thriller to conclude their heavyweight trilogy.

In a truly unbelievable third round, Fury dropped Wilder before being dropped TWICEhimself.

And the Bronze Bomber would be knocked to the ground four times before eventually succumbing to defeat and getting taken to hospital.

Fury roared: "Like the great John Wayne said I am made from pig iron and steel baby!

"I was down a couple of times and hurt and Wilder is a tough man too after he got up a few times too.

"It was a great fight tonight, worthy of any trilogy in the sport, I always said I am the first best and he is second.

"But I went over to show love and respect and he didn’t want it to so I will pray for him."


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  • Dylan Terry


    Tyson Fury's brutal knockout of Deontay Wilder left the Gypsy King feeling sorry for his opponents.

    The Gypsy King declared: "I can only be the best fighter of my day, and I've done that.

    "I'm the best fighter of my era. I'm the generation fighter, I actually feel sorry for all these guys who have had to fight me.

    "Because I'm in the dressing room at home I'm not nervous – you know it's a boxing fight to me.

    "I feel sorry for them because they're fighting the fighter of the generation, that's for sure."

  • Dylan Terry


    Tyson Fury stated that his legendary rivalry with Deontay Wilder is "actually done".

    Fury cemented his legacy as the greatest heavyweight boxer of his era after beating Wilder in an 11-round thriller in Las Vegas.

    The Gypsy King shook off two knockdowns and then knocked his nemesis out with a powerful punch to complete his trilogy with the Bronze Bomber.

    The British superstar praised his fallen opponent after the match but made it clear there is no rematch clause.

    Fury told BBC Sport: "It was a great trilogy, and he is a good dance partner for trilogies.

    "Wilder's been a good dance partner but there's no rematch clause. It's actually done."

  • Dylan Terry


    Tyson Fury stopped Deontay Wilder with a brutal eleventh round knockout in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

    The Gypsy King also had Wilder down in the third and the tenth, and has claimed he nearly BROKE his ankle in doing so.

    After dropping the Bronze Bomber to the canvas for the first time in the third round Fury tripped and almost fell over his huge 6ft 9in frame.

    He seemed to roll his ankle nastily and was lucky not to end up on the deck next to the stricken Wilder.

    And the 33-year-old has revealed the fight could have over barely before it started – but not because of a knockout blow.

    Fury confessed, via iFL TV: "When I hit him with an uppercut, bang in the first [third] round, dropped him, I nearly broke my ankle.

    "I went over on my ankle, my ankle's hurt."

  • Joshua Mbu


    Will we ever see Fury vs AJ?

  • Joshua Mbu


    Tyson Fury was true to his word as he celebrated victory over Deontay Wilder by partying with brother Tommy and wife Paris in Las Vegas, writes TRISTAN BARCLAY.

    The Gypsy King vowed to put any thoughts of his next opponent to the back of his mind and enjoy a night out following his stunning knock-out win.

    And hours after sending Wilder to the canvas for a third and final time at Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, Fury could be seen living it up at the glitzy Hakkasan nightclub.

    Taking his place in the DJ booth alongside pal Steve Aoki, a shirtless Fury serenaded the crowd with a selection of his now famous victory songs.

    First on the karaoke playlist was American Pie – a Fury favourite he has performed in the ring following previous wins.

    The 33-year-old then belted out versions of Sweet Caroline and ACDC’s TNT to go with the rendition of Walking In Memphis he sang in the ring hours earlier.

    It wasn’t long before Fury was then up on the DJ booth, sending the crowd into a frenzy with some shadow boxing and long-limbed dance moves.

    Fury was joined at the Hakkasan venue by his brother Tommy and wife Paris, and the rest of his sparring squad.

  • Joshua Mbu


    Tyson Fury has thanked his team on Twitter.

  • Joshua Mbu


    WWE have congratulated Tyson Fury on his win over Deontay Wilder.

    The Brit had a spell in the WWE, and fought Braun Strowman on a pay-per view in Saudi Arabia.

  • Joshua Mbu


    Deontay Wilder's pre-fight 's***-house' move to delay his bout with Tyson Fury backfired spectacularly, writes WILLIAM PUGH

    The Bronze Bomber was knocked spark out in the 11th round by the Gypsy King and fans were quick to poke fun at the American's bizarre pre-fight ritual after the defeat.

    Fury floored the American three times in Las Vegas – with the third and final time bringing their long-running rivalry to a close as the ref waved the fight off.

    Wilder, 35, was well in the contest in the early stages and even had Fury on the deck himself twice in the fourth round before the Alabama ace ran out of steam.

    It was arguably Wilder's best performance in the trilogy but some post-fight focus was on his antics in the dressing room beforehand.

    As challenger, Wilder had to enter the ring first.

    But live footage showed him dawdling in the dressing room surrounded by his entourage. 

    Wilder was seen standing with his team in a silent circle as someone appeared to serenade or preach to the Bronze Bomber who had his head bowed.

  • Joshua Mbu


    Shane, Tyson's younger brother, briefly shared his thoughts on the fight.

  • Joshua Mbu


    Jonny Owen thinks Tyson Fury could be the best British fighter of all time.

  • Joshua Mbu


    What a journey Tyson Fury has been on.

  • Joshua Mbu


    Tyson Fury is set to hand Dillian Whyte his long-awaited crack at the WBC heavyweight title after his humdinger with Deontay Wilder, writes CHISANGA MALATA.

    Fury, 33, picked himself up off the canvas twice before sealing a thrilling knockout win over old-rival Wilder in their trilogy bout on Saturday night.

    And the champ is now mandated to take on the victor of Whyte's clash with Otto Wallin.

    The fight, however, is contingent on Fury being unable to strike a deal to face Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed title within 30 days.

    But with Anthony Joshua officially exercising his rematch clause with the Ukrainian, the winner of Whyte vs Wallin is now guaranteed the next shot at the undisputed WBC strap.

  • Joshua Mbu


    Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder shared an intense staredown in the middle of the ring before their epic trilogy showdown, writes KOSTAS LIANOS.

    Fury proved he meant business before facing his bitter rival as he gave Wilder some "crazy eyes" that pierced through the soul of many fans watching from home.

    The Bronze Bomber didn't seem intimidated but boxing enthusiasts didn't help but feel sorry for the American superstar as they knew the Gypsy King wasn't going to hold back.

    One fan tweeted: "Dunno about Wilder but that stare from Fury made me s**t bricks."

    Another wrote: "[Fury] might have the best crazy eyes during staredowns."

    A third posted: "Fury stare is scary."

  • Jack Figg


    Paris Fury has followed in husband Tyson's footsteps by landing some blows of her own on Deontay Wilder.

    The wife of the Gypsy King couldn't contain her hatred of the Bronze Bomber after the incredible Las Vegas trilogy showdown.

    Having seen her husband win by KO in the 11th round despite himself twice hitting the canvas, Paris, who was ringside for the contest, couldn't hide her relief.

    And speaking to iFL TV, she had a few words for her man's bitter rival: "Clearly he [Wilder] is a tough man, but he’s not tough enough.

    "Three times [in a row] now. Maybe he’ll shut up now, go home and go to bed. I’ll be polite but we don’t want to hear that man’s name again."

    Laughing to camera, Paris, 31, added: "Let him go and do something else, do something else that he’s good at. He’s not good at boxing clearly."

    Fury twice hit the deck during the fourth round of the Sin City contest, and Paris, who looked stunning in a blue dress, revealed how difficult it was to witness.

    She said: "It's no good, it's not nice to watch. It's horrible. It's a horrible, horrible situation."

  • Jack Figg


    Deontay Wilder has broken his silence after another devastating defeat to Tyson Fury.

    The American heavyweight lost again to his Brit rival after an eleventh-round KO stoppage.

    It came after an epic encounter with FIVE knockdowns, including the Gypsy King being floored twice in the fourth.

    And after being taken to hospital for precaution, Wilder has had his say on one of the best heavyweight bouts ever.

    He also revealed some of Fury's tactics in the fight, and how the three-stone weight advantage helped.

    The 35-year-old said: "I did my best, but it wasn't good enough tonight. I'm not sure what happened.

    "I knew that he didn't come in at 277lbs to be a ballet dancer. He came to lean on me, try to rough me up and he succeeded."

    Credit: Reuters
  • Jack Figg


    Tyson Fury broke the 'Versace robe curse' after defeating Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

    Boxing fans had feared the Gypsy King would lose his undefeated record after daring to wear a custom-made Versace robe.

    After all, Conor McGregor lost to Floyd Mayweather after donning a similar outfit.

    And Billy Joe Saunders, a close friend of Fury, also suffered the same fate when he wore a Versace robe ahead of his bout with Canelo Alvarez earlier this year.

    Those results meant the clothing item carried a bit of a curse – but not for Fury.

    The Brit was troubled by Wilder in their third fight, with fans claiming a slow count stopped him from losing in the fourth round.

    But Fury recovered to dominate Wilder before landing an 11th round knockout to retain his WBC world title and lift the Versace curse.

  • Jack Figg


    Here in Tyson Fury's third knockdown, showcasing boxing 101 with an expert roll and counter.

    Both men had been down at that point, but Fury really stamped his authority on the fight.

    He then knocked Wilder out in the next round.

  • Jack Figg


    Eddie Hearn was impressed by what he saw as Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder in one of the greatest nights in heavyweight boxing.

    Both men hit the canvas early at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena before Fury sensationally retained his WBC title with a stunning knock-out blow in the 11th round.

    And Anthony Joshua’s promoter Hearn could not help but issue a simple salute to the pair after their blockbuster trilogy bout.

    He tweeted: “Great fight! Big balls from both!”

  • Jack Figg


    Deontay Wilder's former promoter doubts the Bronze Bomber can 'come back from two vicious beatings like that' after he was knocked out by Tyson Fury for the second time.

    The Gypsy King scored three knockdowns against the 35-year-old in 11 thrilling rounds on Sunday morning – with the final one closing the show and their rivalry.

    And Lou DiBella – who was Wilder's promoter between 2015 and 2019 – reckons the Alabama native will struggle to return to the ring given the brutal nature of his most recent losses.

    The 61-year-old tweeted: "I’m not sure that you can come back from two vicious beatings like that in a row. I don’t think so."

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  • Jack Figg


    The scorecards for Tyson Fury's epic trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder have been revealed – with some bizarre results.

    Each one rightly had the Brit winning on the cards by the eleventh-round after three knockdowns in the bout.

    Dave Moretti had it 95-91, Tim Cheatham closer at 94-92 and Steve Weisfeld at 95-92.

    Each scored the third round a 10-8 for Fury after knocking down his opponent early in the fight.

    But it turned on its head in the fourth, with the Gypsy King floored TWICE as the American went in for a shock win.

    All three put that down as a 10-7 to Wilder, in a huge swing of fortunes to a shocked and wild Vegas crowd.

    Fury recovered as he always has throughout his career due to his incredible heart and durability.

    He went on to lose just ONE round over the five on each of the judge's cards, as he ripped back dominance.

    But it is round ten that has left fans baffled, after Weisfeld called it a 10-9 round to Fury instead of 10-8 despite a knockdown.

  • Jack Figg


    The CompuBox punch stats revealed Tyson Fury landed 150 punches out of 385 thrown, with an incredible accuracy of 39 per cent.

    Deontay Wilder, who had the Brit down two times in round four, threw 355 but only connected with 355, giving him a 20 per cent accuracy.

    Fury's trainer Sugarhill Steward pleaded with the Gypsy King to 'jab the motherf***er' in order to offset Wilder's attacks.

    And the WBC champion finished the fight with 36 jabs landing from 117 thrown, with an accuracy of 31 per cent.

    Wilder meanwhile, landed with only NINE jabs from the 102 thrown, meaning he connected with just nine per cent.

    Fury's power punching is where the fight was decided, landing with 114 of his 268 attempts, ending with 43 per cent accuracy.

    Wilder did land with 63 of the 253 he threw, with an accuracy rate of 25 per cent.

  • Jack Figg


    Tyson Fury hailed the packed out Las Vegas crowd, who watched his epic trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder.

    Amid the travel ban to the US, no Brits were allowed Stateside, usually a fixture in Fury's recent fights.

    But the Gypsy King – who now trains out of Vegas – was still full of praise for those in attendance.

    He said: "It was a great atmosphere the fans were amazing and got their money's worth.

    "The Brits couldn't follow out and we could have sold this out 10 times if they could."

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  • Jack Figg


    This is the moment the fight momentarily turned of its head.

    Wilder was down in round three and looked in bad trouble – but a short right hand had Tyson Fury hitting the canvas.

    It paved the way for a rollercoaster fight.

  • Jack Figg


    Here is a clip of the first knockdown of the fight, in round three from Tyson Fury.

    It was a short right uppercut from Fury which sent Deontay Wilder to the canvas for the first time.

    But credit to Wilder, who got up, did some damage of his own and pushed right till the 11th-round KO.

  • Jack Figg


    Tyson Fury admitted he has not even given an undisputed title fight with Oleksandr Usyk a thought.

    Usyk stunned Anthony Joshua to claim the unified heavyweight titles from the Brit, and they are now due to rematch.

    But Fury will have a rest and recovery period before he even thinks about fighting the winner.

    He said: "We will see, I have just earned a break, I have been home two weeks in six months so I am going to bask in this victory – I am the big dog in this division.

    "One of the heaviest in history at 277lbs. We will just see what tomorrow brings."

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