UFC 259 LIVE RESULTS: Adesanya LOSES Blachowicz showdown and misses out on 'Champ Champ' status – latest reaction

ISRAEL ADESANYA has LOST his crunch UFC 259 match-up to new light heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz.

The two fighters went the distance and the Pole won on a decision after five rounds.

    • Blachowicz beats Adesanya (R5)
    • Nunes beats Anderson (Submission R1)
    • Sterling beats Yan (DQ R4)
    • Makhachev beats Dober (Submission R3)
    • Rakic beats Santos (R3)

    Follow ALL the action from every fight with our live blog below…

    • Chisanga Malata


      Israel Adesanya's bitter rival Jon Jones has taken aim following Jan Blachowicz's victory in Las Vegas.

      Can't say I'm surprised.

    • Chisanga Malata


      Former UFC men's bantamweight champion Petr Yan has issued an apology for his legal knee on Aljamain Sterling in the fourth round of their title bout.

    • Chisanga Malata


      Jan Blachowicz has revealed he wants his next fight to be against No.1 contender Glover Teixeira.

      He said: "I would like to fight Glover next. He deserves it."


      Jan Blachowicz celebrates his decision victory over Israel AdesanyaCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    • Chisanga Malata


      Israel Adesanya has plans to return to the light-heavyweight division.

      "This isn't a one off. I'll definitely be back. Like I said, dare to be great.

      "But I'm going back down to 185."

    • Chisanga Malata


      Although I had Jan Blachowicz winning, I don't agree with the 49-45 scorecards.

      There's no way in hell Blachowicz had two 10-8 rounds.

    • Chisanga Malata

      AND STILL!!

      Jan Blachowicz is still the UFC light-heavyweight champion.

      The first male Polish UFC title holder retained his title with a unanimous decision victory over Israel Adesanya.

      The judges scored the contest 49-46, 49-45, 49-45 in his favour.


    • Chisanga Malata


      We go to the judges' scorecards.

    • Chisanga Malata


      Jan Blachowicz narrowly misses with a big left hook early in the round.

      Israel Adesanya is continuing to feint his way in and get a big reaction from the Pole.

      Blachowicz is breathing heavily and carrying his hands incredibly low, but that's not stopping him from coming forward.

      Adesanya lands a big right hand, which he follows up with a spinning back kick to the body.

      Blachowicz lands a huge takedown that could prove to be crucial in the outcome of this fight.

      The champion is trying to scramble back to his feet but has allowed Blachowicz into half-guard.

      Adesanya, however, is unable to get back to his feet and ends up eating a couple of shots from a mounted Blachowicz right before the buzzer.

      Israel Adesanya eats a big right hand from Jan BlachowiczCredit: Getty Images – Getty


    • Chisanga Malata


      I have it 2-2 going into the fifth and final round. Both men will no doubt think the same.

    • Chisanga Malata


      Israel Adesanya stings Jan Blachowicz with a swift one-two combo before fending off a takedown.

      Blachowicz lands a good right on the break and lands another moments later.

      The former KSW light-heavyweight champion is really starting to find a home for his strikes, especially his jab.

      Blachowicz shoots for a power double, gets it, and quickly moves to half guard.

      Adesanya is working hard to get back to his feet but is having a hard time shaking off the bigger man.

      Blachowicz moves to side control and appears to be looking for a mounted crucifix.

      The buzzer goes.

      Israel Adesanya fires a high kick at Jan BlachowiczCredit: Getty Images – Getty


    • Chisanga Malata


      Israel Adesanya begins the round again with a number of feints.

      Blachowicz closes the range after a briefly flurry and briefly takes his back.

      Adesanya manages to shake the pole off and stings him with a big counter strike.

      The Last Stylebender closes the distance and ends up being sucked into a clinch.

      Blachowicz has double underhooks up against the fence. Adesanya reverses position and breaks free.

      Adesanya snaps the champ's head back with a stinging jab.

      The lead leg of Blachowicz is starting to redden from the sustained punishment its endured.

      Blachowicz lands a good left hand before briefly pressing Adesanya against the cage with double underhooks.

      But just as he did earlier, the challenger breaks free moments before the end of the round.

      Jan Blachowicz slips a jab from Israel AdesanyaCredit: Getty Images – Getty


    • Chisanga Malata


      Jan Blachowicz begins opens up with a slew of hand feints but has his rhythm interrupted by Israel Adesanya's.

      Blachowicz is doing a good job checking kicks so far.

      The champion lands a good right hand and launches a blitz, which he finishes with a powerful left body kick.

      Adesanya is more than happy to stay to stay on the outside and pot shot his way in.

      Blachowicz briefly manages to get a hold of the challenger but ends up losing his grip on him.

      An accidental low blow from Adesanya brings about a brief pause to the action.

      They touch gloves after the restart and get right back to it. Blachowicz presses forward and lands a good right hand.

      Adesanya's feints are proving to be a real problem for Blachowicz, who is biting on each and every single one of them.

      Israel Adesanya avoids a big left hand from Jan BlachowiczCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    • Chisanga Malata


      Jan Blachowicz immediately takes the centre of the octagon.

      Israel Adesanya opens up with precise leg kicks and throws a number of feints to try and throw off the champion.

      The defending champion is cool and calm so far and is opting not to rush forward with reckless abandon.

      Adesanya is pumping out the jab and keeping Poland's first UFC champion at bay.

      Adesanya lands a good straight left before gliding out the way of a counter left.

      Blachowicz has a power left high kick blocked by the challenger.

      Adesanya lands a good overhand right that briefly backs up his fellow titleholder.

      Blachowicz comes charging forward with a big left hand but its blocked by the Nigerian-born Kiwi.


    • Chisanga Malata


      The moment we've all been waiting for is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen.

      Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya is about to go down.

      A historic champion versus champion is moments away from coming happening.

      Will fan favourite Adesanya be able to become a two-division champion? We're about to find out.

      Jan Blachowicz stares down Israel AdesanyaCredit: Handout – Getty
    • Chisanga Malata


      Amanda Nunes has sent a warning to those who look to challenge her for the women's bantamweight and featherweight titles.

      She said: "I'm more dangerous now with my little girl. Nobody is going to stop me."

    • Chisanga Malata


      That is the question on everyone's lips after the Brazilian's latest demolition job.

      Amanda Nunes has cleaned out two divisions and done so with ease.

      Barring Valentina Shevchenko, there's no one who can come close to challenging The Lioness.

      An unless Dana White opts to slos down the progression of the flyweight division by booking the fight, there's no one on the roster who can come close to ending Nunes' reign.

    • Chisanga Malata


      Amanda Nunes is still the UFC women's featherweight champion.

      The Brazilian bruiser retained her 145lb strap with a first-round armbar.

      The tall and rangey Megan Anderson immediately took the centre of the octagon and puts put the champion on the back foot.

      Anderson fired a leg kick early doors but ate a huge right hand seconds later.

      Nunes followed up with another brutal overhand right that wobbled the champion.

      A dazed Anderson shoot for takedown but saw her effort to ground the fight stuffed by Nunes.

      Nunes immediately went to work taking Anderson's back and eventually sunk in a combination of an armbar/triangle.

    • Chisanga Malata


      Up next is the women's featherweight title fight between defending champion Amanda Nunes and challenger Megan Anderson.

      Nunes goes into her second defence of the 145lb belt as the bookies favourite.

      Amanda Nunes stares down Megan AndersonCredit: Handout – Getty


    • Chisanga Malata


      "Not the way I wanted to win.

      "I just took the belt off. I was trying to continue being all f****d up.

      "I was in bad shape. That would have been ego taking over."

    • Chisanga Malata


      Aljamain Sterling is the new UFC men's bantamweight champion.

      The Serra-Longo MMA product won the belt via fourth-round disqualification after being on the receiving end of an illegal knee from Petr Yan.

      A crazy, crazy ending to this eagerly-anticipated bantamweight title bout.

      Sterling wouldn't have wanted to win the belt this way, but he's fulfilled his dream of becoming UFC champ.

    • Chisanga Malata

      IT'S OVER

      The fight has been called off. But we don't know what the official ruling is yet.

      Aljmain Sterling is in bad, bad way. He's clearly concussed.

      Ref Mark Smith has told the doctor he informed Petr Yan that Sterling was a downed opponent before he landed the illegal strike.

    • Chisanga Malata


      Petr Yan is stalking the tired Aljamain Sterling, although the fatigued challenger is by no means giving up.

      Yan lands a big straight left that stops Sterling dead in his tracks.

      Sterling attempts another takedown but sees his attempt to ground the fight stuffed.

      Yan is continuing to find a home for his straight left..

      The champ lands a blistering one-two that.

      Sterling is down on one knee. But Yan has just kneed him square to the jaw.

      Aljo is in a bad, bad way here. Referee Mark Smith has yet to make a decision.

      Aljamain Sterling was badly hurt by the illegal knee Petr Yan landed on himCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    • Chisanga Malata


      Aljamain Sterling has slowed down drastically but is still pushing forward and throwing strikes.

      Yan is beginning to gain confidence and read Sterling's takedown attempts.

      A big right hand lands for the Russian before he lands another low back trip.

      They return to their feet but the champion secures yet another trip.

      Sterlin lands three consecutive leg kicks before Yan briefly brings the fight to the canvas before the buzzer.

    • Chisanga Malata


      Aljamain Sterling starts the second a lot more conservatively than he did it's predecessor.

      Petr Yan brings the fight down to the canvas with a beautiful trip but opts not to engage his man on the floor.

      Sterling shoots for a takedown after being stood up byreferee Herb Dean,

      Yan does well to stuff the prolonged attempt but soon finds himself fending off another.

      Sterling continues to come forward but is taken down with 15 seconds of the round remaining.

      But he manages to work his way back up to his feet before the buzzer.

      Aljamain Sterling lands a body kick on Petr YanCredit: Getty Images – Getty


    • Chisanga Malata


      Aljamian Sterling comes out strong and opens up with several body kicks.

      The Funkmaster is light on his feet and picking his shots well so far.

      Sterling lands a big knee but Petr Yan shakes it off like it's nothing.

      Serra-Longo product Sterling is operating at an incredible place early on, so much so you can't wonder if he'll be able to sustain it for five rounds.

      Sterling lands another big knee before shooting for a takedown, which he lands.

      Yan bounces back up to his feet and initiates a clinch up against the cage.

      They eventually separate, which allows Yan to land a big overhand right that sends Sterling crashing to the canvas.

      Sterling survives but is then dropped by a leg kick.

      The champion lands a takedown late before a brief exchange of strikes before the buzzer.

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